Group Ascension Activations

Soul Vortex

Sacred Geometry 

Multi-Dimensional Shifts

Soul Ascension Codes

Align, Heal, Ascend…

Soul Vortex group sessions combines Sacred Geometry & Ascension Energy to help you access your Multi-Dimensional Self for Healing and Transformation. 

All Dimensional Time and Space are suspended – so that you can embody more of your own Soul’s Power and Information.

All energy that is facilitated – comes in directly from your own Soul/Source.

Elizabeth and her Guides will NOT run any energy on you or for you – Nor- will they imbue any aspect of you with their own Soul Codes.

Our job is merely to show your energy how to bring in YOUR OWN Templates, Blueprints, Grids and Codes that best serve you on your Ascension path.

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