Our Favorite Health &  Wellness Products

Welcome to Our Favorite Finds!

Below, you will find products that Elizabeth has personally used and endorses, as being top quality, worth the money and invaluable.


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Online Somatic Exercise Courses with THE WORKOUT WITCH!

These online programs have helped me – especially -with back pain that left me unable to move around or do simple things like walk on a treadmill. Greater for stuck trauma! 


Thera Tri-Lite-Therasage Red Light Therapy

The  Tri-Lite™ system helps the body to up-regulate cellular function and has many amazing health benefits.

I own this one! 

Discount Code:

  • 10% Off:     RLIGHT-EP

**Mood Support Vitamins for Women and Men

This stuff is the BOMB!

If you have anxiety or lots of stress that you can’t get under control with Mindfulness techniques – you want this.

Recommend 100%

Energy Healing For Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness

This is an instructional book with processes that you can run on your own to help you heal.

It will become a staple on your book shelf!

I learned so much from it.

The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent

This is THE BOOK from Abraham Hicks that you want about Manifestation.

It is a heady read but there are tools inside that are super valuable. 

We based our MONEY MAGIC program off of it! 

RogersHood Apothecary

Mrs. Rogers (Yes, that’s her real name) has created Gentle, All Natural Products to help you cleanse from: 

  • Parasites
  • Mold
  • Metal Toxins
  • Immune System Support

FOR 10% OFF USE CODE: epfeiffer 

Mountain Rose Herbs

Do you make your own rememdies?

Want access to USDA Organic Essential Oils and Herbs? 

This is my #1 Site for all of that! 

Trusted, Easy and Top quality.

Genestra Brands - HMF Forte Probiotic Supplement -

Professional Dose of Probiotics for those with gut issues.

Recommended to me by my naturopath.

Vega Electrolytes

If you have Migraines, or had a long night of Partying – you want this.  Vitamin C, Vegan, Keto, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO.

5 Calories, 2 Carbs.