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Access Your Own Inner Power To Heal & Align.

Multi-Dimensional Healing…

Subtle Energy and the process of using, Vibration, Frequency and the Higher Realms  to heal – has been a process that’s been around for a very long time. 

The Subtle Work doesn’t just focus on Mental and Emotional feelings,  it looks at patterns, behaviors and energy based in your Auric and Energy fields.

The beauty about the Subtle Work is this it encompasses the your entire being from Chakra’s, Meridians, Spiritual Bodies and the way we facilitate it – we access the higher realms to help accelerate these interventions.

Short Story…

I have worked with people all over the world around Ascension, Energy, Money, Manifestation and Mindset.

In 2015, channeled the Law Of Attraction (LOA) Consciousness- known to most – as Abraham. I studied with them for 2 years, and even c0-created 3 super money charged programs to help people get aligned and manifest!

…But here’s the deal… and maybe this is you too…

I found that my clients  were having trouble keeping their energy in the LOA flow.

Most of them had belief patterns that crystalized in their fields. This type of energy can come from trauma, old relationship issues, current thought forms etc…

Despite doing the LOA work – they became impatient and exhausted.

They felt that it was taking too long to flip the mental re-set switch that would produce results.

This frustration would eventually cause them to give up and return back to their old thought patterns. 

That’s when I asked The Universe a different question…

“How could we clear and heal these crystallized belief patterns, in an accelerated way,  that would work hand-in-hand with LOA?”

…and we got a “Subtle” answer.

The Subtle Work

The Subtle Work Sessions are a combination of Multi-Dimensional Healing & Mindset Work that will help accelerate things like Manifestation and greater Well-Being.

They allow  you to dive deep and help you increase recovery times from Trauma, Fear, Stress and other Energetic issues that are stored in the Subtle and Chakra System of the human energy field.

This process will allow you to clear and heal stuck stubborn energy at an accelerated rate and help you create greater Balance for the Mind, Body and Soul. 

Working on these levels, not only provides us a comprehensive intervention, but can accelerate relief from long standing situations.


In order to fully understand the concepts of Energy Healing, Manifestation and Mindset – it’s important to have a  guide that can walk you through the process during, in-between an after scheduled sessions.

  • What if you have questions?
  • Need Additional Support?
  • Feel as if you’ve dipped into a Healing Crisis? 
  • Need to know how to shift an energy that shows up afterwards?

Have no worries! We’ve got your back!

All of our packages include support along with Sacred Containers for when the shift seems to be a bit of a challenge.


    Who is this type of coaching | Healing for…
    • You are a Lightworker, Coach or Healer.
    • You have a understanding about things like Chakra’s.
    • You have an open mind when it comes to working with the unseen.
    • You’re willing to look at pieces that you thought were already resolved.
    • You have circling negative thoughts that attempt to derail you on a daily basis.
    • Things like Manifestation boomerang back on you and you can’t keep the flow on.
    • You feel like you’ve been stuck in the same place and can’t seem to move forward. 
    • You have other physical or emotional challenges due to external energies that you can’t seem to control.
    • They will locate stuck energy in the human field – and ask you to dive deeper into them – in order to help them dissolve and resolve.
    • You want a guide to help you so you don’t have to do it alone.
    • You want to see actual SHIFT not just talk about it.
    • You are serious about your goals and are willing to change the way you’ve been doing things that haven’t been helpful. 


    “These sessions are SO Powerful! 


    It blew me away! I feel so awesome! I feel so confident, so connected and so fucking on fire!  

    Yesterday I picked a random bonus ball ball at work and I wanted the green one – the highest cash prize you could get – – and I fucking got it! 

    I am constantly connecting with Source through the day. Anything that is tripping me up I go in and connect with Source and then I’m fine…Well, more than fine– I’m happy! 

    Shanna Mielnikowski –High Vibe Goddess Shop on Esty

    “A Gazillion Thank You’s!”


    I hope to get another opportunity to do this again.
    I could feel extreme lightness and movement of energy, swirling activation. Feels lovely. Balanced. Peaceful and energetic.
    Lightness was floating in from the higher chakras to the lower chakras and out from my center, clearing from the inside out.
    This was fantastic!
    Sky Cardenas
    The Spiritual Bliss Coach
    Reset Your Balance & Decrease Stress

    Stress is a vibration that keeps you feeling like you’re stuck, and leaving you to feel like your lacking Clarity or Direction. These feelings can lead to other Mental & Spiritual issues such as feeling:

    • Disconnected
    • Mis-aligned
    • Un Loved
    • Separated
    • Unworthy
    • Not Valued
    • Or Unappreciated.

    That’s why it’s so imperative that everyone – but especially – Lightworkers, Healers, Coaches and people who are Energetically Sensitive – maintain a Clear and Strong Energy field. 

    This can help ward off issues like: 

    • Energy depletion
    • Illness
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Anger
    • Fatigue


    During The Session & Right After You Will Feel…
    • The Energy Around You Shift .
    • An increase of balance & stabilization.
    • Less of a monkey-mind that tries to derail you.
    • Gain more Clarity & Direction for your next steps.
    • Unburdening from negative emotional programs.
    • Greater alignment with your own Source energy.
    • A resolution to old thought patterns & feelings of relief. 
    • Feeling more Balanced in your body, Connected & Free.
    • A lift out of the old way of being and into a new more expanded way. 

    *Note: Elizabeth, nor her guides, are NOT running any energy on you – they are holding an energetic container for your Source to bring in the appropriate interventions that serve your best good. 


    More Experiences…

    “AMAZING!!!! Best  healing session yet!!!” 🙌

    “… Liz is one of my favorites and her energy is super powerful.”

    “This has helped me see myself on multiple levels, who I REALLY am.”

    “Seriously though… I came for a Sagittarius new moon “you can do it message” and ended up healed ♥️

    “I’m So Grateful!”


    Thank you, thank you, I LOVE this compared to everything else you’ve done in past…
    I’m so so grateful, I can’t even put in words how awesome this is!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    I’m having an amazing body buzz and excitement, I feel something different!
    Lori Scheer
    Goddess Sister

    Ready To Re-align &  Put Your Life, Business & Mindset Back On Track?

    Let’s Book It!

    Kelly Schaefer | Task Complete

     Your energy healing work with me this evening was amazing!

    Your Intuitive Abilities were nothing short of…


    You have positively affected those fearful thoughts that were eating away at my Soul…

    Words can’t even describe.

    Thank You So Much!

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