Remote Vibrational Attraction Session


Give Your Current Money Vibe A Boost!


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Get Your Energy Aligned With Your Money


Feeling stuck and Need a Tweak in your money vibe?

A Money Alignment Session may be exactly what you need.

Money Alignment Sessions are for those who have energetic blocks to their Alignment which is clogging up your receiving channels and making it harder for things to show up in your reality.

You’re doing all the mindset work (or maybe you’re not) but now you have energetic blocks in your fields that you’d just like to wipe clear.


Best of all…


Money Alignment Sessions will give you a needed BOOST in your Money Vibe so you can amp up your manifestation energy.


What You Can Expect…


The Money Alignment Session Has Been Designed To:


  • Clear stuck energy around money.
  • Raise your vibration to put you in the money zone.
  • Help you feel more positive and uplifted.
  • Increase your levels of energy.
  • Increase your levels of confidence.
  • Help your level of Wellbeing increase around your issues.
  • Unstuck the funk that keeps you stuck and help you bring in sales.


Money Comes As A Secondary Benefit To Your Alignment.


What that means is that these sessions will focus on the areas that are Out Of Alignment for you. Once your energy is aligned all you have to do is open to receive.

This may result in feeling more uplifted and experience more affects of well-being rather than a CHa-Ching in your bank account.

However, it’s that more uplifted feeling and positivity that OPENS THE CHANNELS to receiving.


How The Session Works


Each Money Alignment Session is done in the higher realms with Elizabeth’s Higher Self and Healing guides.

Each session runs for 60 minutes.

It’s simple to call in the session and you’ll be given all the instructions you need at the time of purchase.

Money Alignment sessions do not offer a healing report or any type of feedback on your session. Each session is different from the last and only You, your Higher Self and your Guides know the exact details of each session.

You can purchase a Money Alignment Session as often as you like – especially GREAT right before you launch a project, program or whenever you need a boost in your levels of attraction.


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