Aligned Abundance – Block Releasing Clearing & Training


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A Digital DIY Block Clearing Program To Help You Align Your Abundance.

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Aligned Abundance is a DIY clearing program that clears out all the subconscious ways in which you’ve told yourself that you can’t have the things you desire.

When you’re younger you pick up beliefs from people like:

  • Your Parents
  • Care takers
  • Teachers
  • People of influence
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

..and sometimes you agree with their perspectives and decide that you’ll take on those beliefs too so you can fit in and be like and adored by others.

This might have worked for you in the past but now that you’re trying to create more abundance in your life – you find yourself coming up against – block after block and don’t know why.


This DIY Program Is For You If:


  • Clear blocks related to how you were brought up based on other people’s projections.
  • You have a knowing that you have a block but don’t know what it is.
  • Want to clear any beliefs you’ve picked up from your parents.
  • Want to clear any beliefs you’ve picked up from your friends.
  • Clear blocks to not being good enough.
  • Clear blocks to not feeling valued.
  • Clear blocks to not being powerful.
  • Clear blocks to your inner knowing.
  • Plus more that are too many to list here.

This DIY program is yours to download and keep forever. It contains Abundance Block and Belief clearings that you can use over and over again until you feel it’s gone!

It covers beliefs from Childhood, Society, Culture, Religion and general interactions where you picked up beliefs that stem from strangers or colleagues.

Each Mp3 is energetically activated to help you Clear and Resolve these beliefs from your energetic system and then help you set your intentions for Aligned Abundance.


What’s Included

In the Aligned Abundance Digital Series You Will Receive:


Detailed instructions in Pdf form on HOW to work with the program.

Detailed instructions in Mp3 form on HOW to set yourself up for the program.

A Welcome Letter that outlines HOW and in WHAT ORDER to do the program.

3 Clearing Mp3’s for your Money Blocks.

1 Guided  Visualization for ManifestationMp3

1 Guided Visualization to Clear Fear & identify blocks.

PLUS Worksheets and Homework that corresponds with each MP3 Exercise – so you can ground in the work you’ve already done!


That’s a total of:
  • 5 Money Block Clearing Mp3’s 
  • A Guided Visualization to help you manifest +worksheet
  • A Guided Visualization to help you identify your current fear block! 
  • Plus Worksheets & Homework


Ready To Align Your Abundance?


Each one of the Mp3’s in this program are energetically activated to help you create a shift in your money beliefs. They are very powerful and should not be used while operating heavy machinery or diving an automobile.

Used on a repetitive basis you can clear even more layers as each Mp3 is multilayered and can be listened to multiple times.



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