Mystic Money Shift


This combination of  Intuition + Vibration = Manifestation  might not be the combination you’ve mastered yet and that’s Okay!


You know that you’re intuitive and you have special gifts and talents that make you unique, but you may not know how to access them in order to create abundance in your life.

Right now you’re frustrated with all the GET RICH programs, that promise you’ll make 10K in a week, and when they don’t work – you’re left thinking that there’s something wrong with YOU… which can’t be further from the truth!

Or Maybe you’re looking to Manifest a new Partner, Romantic Interest or Colleague into your life – either way – It’s all the same energy!

Sometimes Getting Your HEAD Aligned With Your HEART Can Be A Challenge…

Your Mind Chatter Sounds Like This…


➩ I can’t save enough money for the things I want and I’m afraid to spend on the things I do want.

➩ OTHER People are telling you HOW you should do things, HOW it should show up and HOW TO FEEL, and WHAT you should want out of it.

➩ You feel as if you’re not worth receiving money because it’s going to flow in and you can’t hold onto it.

➩ You Perceive Money as the Enemy instead of a LOVING energy that’s here to support you. Instead you perceive with feelings of “I hate paying bills” – “There’s never enough” – “I don’t have it.”

➩ You’re still carrying around the beliefs that say you have to WORK HARD, TAKE ACTION, and HUSTLE in order to bring in money – and this has left your FRUSTRATED and EXHAUSTED!

➩ You’re all on board with this Manifesting thing, but you’re not sure how to SET CLEAR INTENTIONS so you end up SETTLING for what comes. 

➩ You don’t know how to HEAR or FEEL the nudges from your Intuition – who is Divinely Guiding your next Divine action – BUT – you keep MISSING the signs!

➩ You manifest what you want – it shows up – you get nervous – you block it and you don’t know how to Get OUT of your own way!

But NOT Anymore!

We KNOW you want something that ADDRESSES YOU!




The Energy & Vibration You Have Within Has The Power To Create Worlds!

But First… A Little About Me…

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Vibrational Attraction Coach


I’ve been doing Alignment work for over 10 years and hold over 20 metaphysical certificates.

Prior to that, I worked as a Licensed Social Worker and worked with lots of people suffering from various sets of issues… but  I don’t practice as a Social Worker anymore.

I’ve come to find that our combination of ABOVE WORK (Soul Energy Work) and BELOW WORK (Belief Work) are able to get my client’s back into Alignment in LESS TIME than traditional therapeutic interventions and with GREATER RESULTS!

I use my ‘Mad Energy Healing Skills’  to help you create profound personal shifts at an accelerated rate & release Energetic blocks – so you can go from blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose as you Shift Into Higher Consciousness!

Now, I wish to share these advanced processes with you, and save you years of frustration, discomfort and uncertainty by showing you how to use these same techniques to create a life that’s full of Energetic Freedom, Joy and Love!

Allow Me To Share A Quick Abraham Story With You…


Who Is Abraham?


Abraham is a Collective Consciousness of Soul’s who are widely known to channel through Esther Hicks. They are MASTER TEACHERS of The Laws Of Attraction, Alignment & Manifestation.

Last year I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on Healers, Coaches and so-called “money experts” because I wanted to amp up my Alignment and Manifestation practice – so I can serve more people.

During this process I learned 2 things.


You can’t just CLEAR everything without knowing how to counteract and handle challenging thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
Basic Soul Alignment Techniques are CRUCIAL to greater Alignment, Health, Money and Well-Being.


I didn’t have these techniques when I sat down and with my Inner Co-Creator and said “I’m NOT investing in anymore coaching. I want you to send me a MASTER TEACHER IN MANIFESTING.”

It took about 3 months.

That’s when I was lead to the Works of Abraham. They started showing up in my news feeds, I was led to videos on YouTube and then to books. Finally, one day during meditation, I heard…

“Can we help you with your Alignment practice?”


During that time, I learned the keys to Alignment, Vibrational Flow, Perception Re-direction and how to move through difficult energy without getting caught up in it and that’s what we are going to help you with! 



Over this 5 week course we will not only focus on the subconscious beliefs that block your abundance flow, but we will show you how to up level your frequency and teach you how to use your Mystic Manifestor as your guide to creating the type of life and money you wish to create!

The BEST thing about this program is that you can use it to MANIFEST ANYTHING you want! It doesn’t have to be Money – it could be a Relationship, New Job, New Home, or a Partner!






Mystic Money Shift

5 Week Alignment Program

Frequency Tuning

Spend Week 1 Learning how to Master your frequency to become an Energetic Match to what you’re asking for. Raise your vibration and become an Attraction Magnet!

Getting Clear

Week 2 Is all about Getting Clear, Getting Clarity and making sure you and your Energy are asking for the same thing! Set your Intentions With Clarity So you’re getting what you want and not settling for less!

Mind Boogies

By Week 3 all of the thoughts you use to self-sabotage will start to show up. In this module you will learn how to identify them – love them & release them – so you can keep your FLOW on GO!

Divine Guidance

Week 4 Is about learning how to use your Intuition/Inner Being as your Co-Creator through life. Here you will gain access to Guidance, Inspiration and ways to increase your flow and Align With your Inner Being.

Right Action

Week 5 Will explain the difference between taking Action and taking Divine Right Action. Here you will connect with your Inner Being and receive Divine Right Action to make your manifestations successful!



5 Abundance Code Activations

Each week you’ll receive weekly Abundance Shift Activations.

What is an Activation?

A Healing Activation is set of Energetic Healing Codes, Frequencies, & Clearings that will help you dismantle old ways of thinking, feeling and being. They will  help you release yourself from any dense energy you’re enmeshed with around abundance, so you can raise your vibration and attract more!


This type of process not only allows you to create greater alignment with your source but it will help you move out of heavy, dense beliefs, energetic blocks or Karmic issues much QUICKER!

A Rise In Your Abundance Frequency

It’s really hard to manifest when your personal Abundance Frequency is in the dumper. Negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs are definite MONEY BLOCKERS.

When you feel good – your energy is high – which means your vibrations is high. High Vibrations Attract Money!

Elizabeth will show you how to elevate your Abundance Frequency and move your attraction vibration into a higher state so that you can start ATTRACTING more opportunities toward you.

Vision Clarity

Clarity is key when it comes to Manifestation.It’s not about WHAT it all looks like, but you really need to be clear about the ENERGY and the details you want to attract into your life. For example: Let’s say you want to manifest an unexpected “Check In The Mail” and that’s all you give the Universe to work with. I’ve known people who’ve done this and guess what?

They GOT an unexpected ‘check in the mail…’ only it was for $1.00.

In this section you will not only learn how to get really clear but how to use the energy behind your clarity to attract the PERFECT scenarios to you.


Become A Money Attractor

A Negative Mind-Set will derail any manifestation practice and de-activate all of you Mind Boogers.

Everyone has them.

These are those nagging subconscious and energetic beliefs that like to self-sabotage and keep you small. They drag down your vibration and BLOCK your Abundance flow.

Counter Act It!

Here is where you will learn how to Counter Act your mind-boogers with Elizabeth’s 21 Day Mind-Shift & Manifestation Practice. It only takes 21 days to create a new pattern in the subconscious mind and with group accountability your abundance mind shift will start to shift!

Keys To Manifesting

Has anyone ever told you how to manifest?

Have they walked you through the exact steps, processes or guided you through a technique that allows you to co-create with the Universe?

I’m sure you know tons of these techniques, but during this section of the group, Elizabeth will guide you through the exact process on how to express your desires to the Universe and received guided information back in return.

This information will be crucial to creating your vision and if you run into Manifesting Boogers – We’ll Shift Them!

Accessing Your Mystic Manifestor

This is one of my favorite sections! Now that you have your plan in place and you’ve shown it to the Universe… NOW is the time to TAP into your MYSTIC MANIFESTOR!

This is where you will receive Guidance, Action Steps and plan out your Goals for manifesting your desires.

That’s right, we will walk you through the steps to access your own Mystic Manifestor who will offer you plausible ACTION steps on WHAT TO DO NEXT – so you know that you’re being Divinely guided.

What’s Included in Your 5 Week Mystic Money Shift


Teaching Instruction

Each Module Comes with 5 Audio and Video Instruction Modules that contain between. 45 90 minutes of enriched teaching content each!

Money Activations

Each module also contains 30 minute Money Activations in Mp3 & Mp4 formats – to help your energy get clean and clear of any money blocking beliefs that are yours or anyone else’s you’re running!

Specialized Workbook

This not your Regular School Workbook. This is a 35+ page uniquely designed workbook with lessons, journaling pages and instructions on how to shift your sh*t and create Greater Alignment! 


Daily Meditations

During this time of shift you will experience a lot of frequency tuning. That’s why we’ve included supportive Mp3’s to help you…

 Release Resistance

Retrieve your Power and Magic

Activate Greater Empowerment.

From Above and Below.

Here We Focus on All of You-Not Just Your Money






Above Work is what we call Soulful Intervention. It’s the place in the ethers that you can’t see, can’t touch but can only sense, see, feel or imagine. This is the ENERGETICS of who you are.

With Above work, Elizabeth has a unique ability that allows her to tap into your Energy, you Soul’s blueprints, Templates, Grids and Records to see what it is that you’re working on in this lifetime.

Armed with this knowledge, she can help you SHIFT or RECALIBRATE any of these energies so that creating your dream life is EASIER, more in ALIGNMENT and FLOWS fluidly!


Below Work covers all the ways you think, feel, and believe that’s NOT IN ALIGNMENT with your Source/Soul. It’s theACTUAL way you are in the world and how you navigate it from the mind.

Below work is what keeps all the ABOVE WORK at a distance. It’s the mindset energy in between your ears that DOESN’T ALLOW all your manifestations and desires in.

You see you can do as much ABOVE WORK as you want – but if you don’t change the energy in the BELOW WORK (that stuff that sits in your head) then there’s NO AMOUNT of ABOVE WORK that can change that.

So in our Below Work Sessions we get to the Nitty Gritty of your FEAR and help you SEE that it’s all an ILLUSION to keep you from moving forward.



MONEY Flows In As A Secondary Benefit To Your Alignment!





✔ You want to Up Level your manifestation Alignment , raise your Abundance vibration and start attracting what you want!

✔ You desire to be re-energized with an I CAN DO THIS attitude & be supported by other Money Manifestors!

✔ You want to learn realistic Manifesting techniques that are easy and support you!

✔ You want to connect with your Inner Money Manifestor and co-create your life/business!

✔ You want to get out of the Mind-Shift and into the flow of Abundance!

We’re here to help you create all that by showing you how to get into Greater Alignment – So you can amp up your Attraction frequency!




☒ If you’re looking for someone to FIX you. You’re NOT broken!

☒ Are running a ‘this will never work” and don’t have an open mind.

 This program is NOT for you if you’re not going to do the daily work required.

☒ Think Manifestation, Intuition, or Alignment is all “Woo-Woo.”

☒ Can see how anything is going to change your circumstances and give up easily.

☒ Don’t like working in groups with others.




100% BOOST in Confidence, a 100% BOOST in how you FEEL  & a 100% BOOST in Your Perceptions.


You will learn how to direct your focus AWAY from the lower negative thought patterns and Re-direct them – so you can create greater Alignment with your Inner Co-Creator!

You will now know how to deal with your Mind-Boogies when they try to Trip You Up and completely re-pattern your energy, raise your vibration and change your levels of attraction!


This Program Is Currently Closed!

Since I started this course the phone has been ringing out of nowhere.

Today we booked over $10,000 in sales!

Gloria Bowermaster

Business Owner

I’m incredible sad to see this course end!

What a life changing experience, which has been absolutely fundamental for me.



Stephanie Kolb

Corporate Lawyer & Author

The amount of shift in my life has been enormous!

Elizabeth packs so much energy and information into every session.

I’m manifesting my dream-come-true!

These five weeks have been the best gift I could have given myself, my family and the world!

Kathy Ramsperger

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Ground One Coaching

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