Enter The Vault Where You Can Purchase One Off Programs – Or Some Of Elizabeth’s Classic Work- That Is Powerfully Transformative For Your Alignment Or Money Goals.

The 5D New Earth Energy Training

New 5D tools to start Aligning with these new Energetic shifts so you can stay balanced, stabilized and Aligned!

A NECESSITY for highly Sensitive People who are feeling the shifts!


A 10 Day life altering program  where you can UNSHACKLE your  Mindset and Energy with Energy and Mindset Techniques.

The 5D Money Makeover Program

The only Money Makeover program that offers HEALING and Mindset work all in one.

5 Modules of Everything you need to uncover & release the resistance to Money you’ve been holding.


Everyone always says change your mind, your beliefs, your energy

BUT… they never tell you HOW, do they? 

Inside this course we give you all the hows – so you can create Magic!


A 10 Day Workshop to help you Locate, Heal, Use Your Inner Guidance for Solutions.

Move through the Shadow Aspects of Self that are holding you back!

The Soul Led Business Shift

Quantum Leap Your Business inside this 2.5 hour Workshop.

This Intense Soul and Business Realignment is for anyone wanting to Up Level Their Spiritual Growth and Business Goals! 


This 3 Hour Work Shop That Incldes the 3 Part Series SPREADING HER WINGS is your Basic Energetic Survival Kit.

From locating Energy Blocks, Balancing your Chakras and Calling Back Your Power – It has it all! 


The 5 Day Manifestation Reset


A Powerful Soul Embodiment Program. read more…

Manifesting With Soul Journal

100 Downloadable Pages | Read more…

Manage External Energy Bundle

Energy Activation Bundle | Read More…

Body Alignment Bundle

Activation Bundle | Read More…

Balancing Your Shift Bundle

Activation Bundle | Read More…