Mystery School

Create Greater Freedom With Your

Money Vibe!


Money Mystery School is a Unique 3-DAY Full on Clearing, Healing, Teaching & Alignment School For Your Body, Soul & Team!


This powerful “Multi-Dimensional Work” takes place in the Higher Realms for 3 Consecutive Days or (72 Hours!)

This translates into 1 Month of Shifting Work here.


Let us explain:

When you enroll in Mystery Money School your Soul is taken to a higher dimensional classroom where You, Your Body and Team will work directly with the Money Masters for 3 Consecutive Days. (—>We mean 72 hours of consecutive work <—) 

Over these three days you will locate your Core Energetic, Mental and Emotional mis-alignments in order to move your energy into a greater states of alignment and attraction – which will help you get out of your head and move into your heart.

Your teachers include, but are not limited to, Elizabeth’s Higher Self & The Ascended Masters who have Mastery in Money Alignment.When we look at money, we look at it from a place of how you’re Aligned and Receiving from your Source. The energy of money is the same as Source energy and if you can receive from Source… then you can receive Money!

For 3 DAYS STRAIGHT, we will work with you remotely, in the higher realms, on all the teachings, lessons, downloads, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and Energetic stances that are necessary to open your receiving channels and create an abundant flow in your life.

Review Your STICKY Points Around Money & Shift Them! 

In just 3 Consecutive Days of Higher Learning work — you will experience your energy to shift immediately!


Not just around your money but in every area of your life…


There will be a sense of lightness.

A feeling of greater Self Love.

Shifts in the way you perceive your life or biz.

Shifts in the way you perceive money.

A greater sense of happiness and well-being.

Manifestations happening at a quicker rate.

Bursts in energy and inspiration.

An Increase in attraction levels.

A more elevated state of  mental wellbeing.

A more elevated state of emotional wellbeing.

An overall feeling of greater alignment.

Unexpected manifestations.

Increase in money & sales.

Enhanced Psychic abilities.

Clearing of limiting beliefs around money.

Greater Alignment With Your Source.



Allow Me To Introduce Myself...


I'm Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Vibrational Attraction Coach


I’ve been doing Alignment work for over 10 years and hold over 20 metaphysical certificates.

Prior to that, I worked as a Licensed Social Worker and worked with lots of people suffering from various sets of issues… but  I don’t practice as a Social Worker anymore.

I’ve come to find that our combination of ABOVE WORK (Soul Energy Work) and BELOW WORK (Belief Work) are able to get my client’s back into Alignment in LESS TIME than traditional therapeutic interventions and with GREATER RESULTS!

All of our programs have been created to help you accelerate the process of identifying and shifting limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the type of life you want to live!

I use my ‘Mad Energy Healing Skills’  to help you create profound personal shifts at an accelerated rate & release Energetic blocks – so you can go from blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose as you Shift Into Higher Consciousness!

Now, I wish to share these advanced processes with you, and save you years of frustration, discomfort and uncertainty by showing you how to use these same techniques to create a life that’s full of Energetic Freedom, Joy and Love!


Allow Me To Share My Quick Story With You…


Let’s Start With Abraham.


Abraham is a Collective Consciousness of Soul’s who are widely known to channel through Esther Hicks. They are MASTER TEACHERS of The Laws Of Attraction, & Alignment.

I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on Healers, Coaches because I wanted to amp up my own Alignment and Manifestation practice – so I could serve more people.

During this process I learned 2 things.


  You can’t just CLEAR everything without knowing how to counteract and handle challenging thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


  Basic Alignment Techniques are CRUCIAL to greater Love, Health, Money and Well-Being.


I didn’t have these techniques when I sat down and with my Intuition and said “I’m NOT investing in anymore coaching. That’s it!  I want you to send me a MASTER TEACHER.”

Three Months later in meditation – I heard: 


“Would You Like Assistance With Your Alignment Practice?”


That’s when Abraham showed up…


I received a download from Abraham for my very first Group Alignment Teaching Program MYSTIC MONEY SHIFT – This program was so HIGH VIBE that it SOLD OUT in 2 weeks! In 2017, we launched our BADA$$ Money Shift Session and it SOLD OUT in 48 hours!

Now, I’m sharing these keys to Alignment, Vibrational Flow & Perception Re-direction; so you can have them too!

Using The Higher Realms Vs. Mindset Coaching


Energy can be shifted in 2 ways.

From Above (Soul/Energy) and Below (Mind/Subconscious.) In our 15+ years of work – we have found that shifting the energy from Above to Below WORKS FASTER then shifting Energy from Below To Above.

Money Mystery School is 3 Consecutive Days or 72 hours of ongoing lessons happening from Above. The shifts happen QUICKLY because it takes less time to filter down into your experience here —>> which means quicker results!

Secondly, the shifts you make from Above will eventually help you ease out of old belief systems here (below) at an easier more graceful pace. It’s a total WIN! WIN!

Would You Like Assistance With Your Alignment Practice

This is Advanced Higher Dimensional work.


It’s preferable, but not required,  that you’ve been exposed to Elizabeth’s work PRIOR to signing up for money school. The intensity of the energy can catch you off guard and throw you out of balance if you’ve never worked with her before.

Some Other Things To Measure:


  • You’ve done Long Distance or Remote Energy Work before.
  • You’ve worked with Elizabeth Before OR resonate strongly with her work.
  • You believe that your vibration, feelings and thoughts create your reality.
  • You know you have stuck energy around money and can’t seem to unstick it!
  • You feel like you’re lacking the Energetic information on how to get your money channels clear.
  • You feel like your vibration is sending out a misaligned frequencies.
  • You’re not meeting your money goals.
  • You’re not meeting your alignment goals.
  • You want to see some shifts at an accelerated rate.




Read the following very carefully…

  • You are Mentally or Emotionally Unbalanced.
  • You go into a Healing Crisis after doing Energy Work.
  • Stuck in Vibrations of Drama or Trauma.
  • Do not believe that your thoughts and feelings create your reality.
  • Don’t know how Remote Energy Healing Works or have never done it before.
  • Don’t know how to manage your own energy when things start to shift (because they will! )
  • If this is you –> Start Here Instead.



Once School let’s out we will hold vigil for you in the higher realms to make sure you are integrating the shifts with grace and ease for up to 4 days. 

This Energetic part of the program will complete in 3 days, but the shifts can take anywhere between 2 -4 weeks before they integrate and show up in your current reality.

The Breakdown:


Day 1-3               Higher Realm Teaching, Lessons, Shifts. 
Day 4 –7              Sacred Container Support Work.
Week 2 -4           Integration on your own. 


Plus… a Pop-Up Facebook Group Where You Can Share Your Experiences!




Due, to the intensity of the program, we have included some supplemental support tools in order to help you make it through your 7 days. These will  help you release the resistance that might surface for you during this time.







Once School let’s out,  we will hold vigil for you in the higher realms to ensure you are  integrating the shifts with grace and ease. Complete integration can take up to  2 -4 weeks before they show up in your current reality.

... Having cellular changes (not theory) body shaking, profound reactions of letting stuff go! (After Reading the Activate Your Shift Ebook)

Michele O.

...I am definitely feeling more "Lit Up!" My frequency has risen and... Money and Clients Are Flowing With Greater Ease!

Jen D.

"I've had 2 powerful sessions with Elizabeth & I can vouch first hand for the results! I can't recommend her more!

Colette Baron-Reid

"Holy F*ck! I cried when I read my MONEY BUSTER ! I had to walk away for a few minutes and then re-read it. I’m so glad I got to do this again!"

Shanna M.

"THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! Thank you! I Really Think The Beliefs You Identified Are The Root - Of The Root-  Of It All!"

Kathy R.

"My old way of clearing was no longer working... Elizabeth taught me a new way to connect and get clear - I Love it!"

Kemi R.

"What An Intense Shift! I'm Able To Speak My Truth & Connect To My Power In Ways I Haven't Before - All Within 24 Hours! 

Laurette G.




A: 3 Days of consecutive work in the Higher Realms is the equivalent of 1 MONTH of work done here in this dimension.


A: As of late the Money Masters consist of Elizabeth’s Higher Money Master Self, Master Jesus, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Master Melchizedek, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, The Consciousness of Abraham, The Councils Of Light & Elizabeth’s Essence Mastery Guides.


A: Due to the Uniqueness of the program, there are no readings, reports or transmissions from Elizabeth on your personal money issues but there IS A CLOSED FACEBOOK group where you can share your experiences and connect. Everything else is done in the Higher Realms at an Energetic Level.



So I have always had issues around money. Feeling worthy of it etc… Last night I only had dreams of money scenarios , the never ending abundance of money in my life and finding value in everything around me!

Pretty frickin’ fabulous, if I do say so myself!

My energy is through the roof…and I have had over $1000 in services sales this week!

So ya!I’m so pleased with the shifts I am already receiving! 🙂

Kristy Lynn


I love Elizabeth’s work.

In a world where it’s hard to find people that can have an affect, to find the blockages, that see the truth and go all in – Elizabeth does.

Bravo, to you and every being that was part of the Money Mystery School event that
happened over the last 3 days.

The pay days are rolling in…I just feel so much love.

Jen Weatherly

Web Designer,

I made TRIPLE the amount of money I made at my last show!

I also made a lot of new contacts, was offered opportunities for radio shows/collaborations, etc. …

The only thing I can point to that is different – is having had this higher level work done. Thanks <3

Felicia Messina-D'Haiti

Energy Empowerment & Feng Shui Coach ,

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