The Sovereign is Heart Lead Leader, rule breaker, someone who is dismantling a dysfunctional system to help create something magical outside of what’s expected.

They don’t need to seek influence from an outside source – they ARE THE SOURCE.

But most programs don’t view you that way.

They view you as someone who needs help to succeed – their help.

They don’t teach you how to realign and access your own inner power to get answers, guidance, solutions, or inspiration.

Sovereigns are those who wish to be Leaders of their own Light.

Who are guided and inspired by their OWN intuition.

Who TRUST their Inner guidance – so much – that they aren’t influenced by popular media or other influential circles.

SOVEREIGN Is A 6 Month Hybrid Group Mentoring Program That Supports Cutting Edge Healers & Coaches Who Are Ready To Pull Out Of The Old Co-Dependent Matrices.


*Bi-Weekly (Twice A Month) LIVE SESSIONS For Group Activations & Recalibration Work.

*Bi-Weekly Hot Seat Style Coaching and Mentoring After The Group Session.

*The SI2HC (The Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Discourse Program Valued At $2,000) Signature Program – which is entirely focused on creating SOVEREIGNTY from within.

*1 Private Voxxer Day per month – for Individualized Support, Remote, OR Mindset Work. 

*A Private Online Community where you can share and ask questions AND…

*Lifetime Access to all the MP4 recording of each session.

Are You Ready To Lead From Soul?  


$1,111 A Month