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Ready To Align? 



Take the work seriously & DO THE ASSIGNMENTS – lol.

The Assignments were specifically calibrated to help – if you don’t work the program – then it won’t help.

Day 1: The DAILY ENErgetic alignment meditation
Work with the DAILY ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT Meditation. This meditation will help you Align on ALL Energetic Levels.

Today we will begin by getting your shift together. 🙂

The DAILY ENERGETIC ACTIVATION is designed to get you all cleaned up, back to balance and ready to start your day.

It will Bring in Healing, Balance and other Energies that you require for that day as well as setting up the space for interaction with others. We recommend using this activation on a DAILY basis (hence it’s name 😉 ) to get you proverbially ‘put back together’ and balanced!


day 2: activate the energy of gratitude

The power of Gratitude is extremely under rated. It’s the energy that opens the door to the universe. 

When you are truly grateful it’s like saying to the Universe “This is fantastic! I’m so appreciative! Can I have more?” We’ll show you how to align with that energy

Activate The Energy Of Gratitude

The power of Gratitude is extremely under rated. It’s the energy that opens the door to the universe.

When you are truly grateful it’s like saying to the Universe “This is fantastic! I’m so appreciative! Can I have more?”

Activating this vibration sends a message out that you are appreciative and grateful for the gifts that have been brought into your life and thus allows the Universe to bring you more.

Gratitude also opens the doors to the vibration of allowing.

Allowing these positive wonderful things to show up in your life instead of blocking them with thoughts of “oh, I don’t deserve that” or “what will people think if I actually received that brand fancy, fully loaded vehicle, then I must be greedy.”

When you stand in the vibration of gratitude and top it with the vibration of allowing… well, then the world becomes your oyster!

How To Use Your Gratitude Log:

Download your Gratitude Log and write down the things you’re grateful for.
Now… EACH TIME something Positive happens or something that you APPRECIATE or are GRATEFUL for…. WRITE IT DOWN
Even if you’re day isn’t going the way you planned – take a PAUSE – LOOK AROUND – and in that moment find SOMETHING you could appreciate or be grateful for…

Example: Maybe the room you’re in is a nice color – or maybe it’s so beautiful outside that you really appreciated being able to take a walk. etc… IT ALL COUNTS!

Knowing what you want is key to manifesting what you want BUT just because you’re not CLEAR doesn’t mean you’re not manifesting!

People become very despondent when they think “oh, well, that didn’t happen!” Flipping the switch on your MINDSHIFT will actually SHOW YOU where you are manifesting and how to keep it on go!

Here’s my example:

I broke my prescription, transition sun glasses – in half – like don’t even bother fixing them. It was going to cost me $450+ to replace them. I tried to go without because I didn’t want to spend the money. I finally, decided to purchase new ones – why? Because I couldn’t SEE SHIFT! 😉

So, I headed over to Lens crafters and picked out a frame that was on sale and the lady told me that the coupon I had was okay – but she could do better. Instead of a $450 expense it would be $270. I thought – ok, I’m gonna get lucky.

Well, this lady, was new and she didn’t know SH*T about how to ring these up or even work with the computer and I was getting really annoyed. I was there for an hour already and she couldn’t even pull up my account.

I have no PATIENCE when it comes to poor service, but I was reminded to FLIP my MINDSHIFT and focus on the positive instead of the negative. I asked Spirit to model patience to me because I was going to lose my shit. lol. So, as I was waiting, I literally started rattling off the things that I was grateful for – not mushy sh*t – but things like:

I’m grateful for the fact that I have $270 to spend on glasses.
I’m grateful that coming here allowed me to have lunch out with my husband.
I’m grateful that it was a nice day and I could drive with the windows open.

Instead of the thoughts I really wanted to put energy toward like..

I want to put this lady through a wall – she’s a moron.
I can’t believe I’ve been here so long.
Why me? Why did I have to get set up with her.

Get it?

Long story short… this lady had to ask the manager for help. (no kidding) The manager saw that I had a coupon and entered it into the computer. Turns out that MY coupon was better than the lady’s and I walked out of Lens crafters with a pair of transition, prescription, sunglasses by Ralph Lauren for $89.50


Flipping your MINDSHIFT focus can be a challenge but when it comes to manifesting it can open you up to receive.

The more you flex that muscle the stronger it becomes. ❤


day 3: How to make aligned choices

For the Vibrant Sensitive who FEELS everything around them it can be hard to determine who’s thoughts and ideas you’re Empathing.

How do you know an idea is yours or if it’s just another thought that everyone else is thinking?

How do I make the choices that serve MY best and highest good and how can I tell if those thoughts are aligned for ME?

Well, those are loaded questions, aren’t they?

But my dear, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

In this particular case YOU have an very unique awareness system that is in constant connection with you at all times. Your Soul.

Your Intuition – whatever you want to call it – is CONSTANTLY sending you guiding information to help you make those aligned choices.

Watch the video on how to tap in and use it – so you can create greater alignment and make Aligned Choices!

day 4: be who you are

 All that is left for you to do today is to BE WHO YOU ARE.

Many times we have a tendency to HIDE who we really are. This doesn’t allow others to see us clearly and hampers our ability to express ourselves fully.

This channelled message of inspiration is to motivate and encourage you to step into more of yourself – because the world is waiting for your gifts – that only you can give!



day 5: The Soul Connection Process

Today we are going to learn another really quick meditation to help you Connect with Your higher self and release any fear that comes up around it.

You can do this session 1 of 3 ways.

1.Go in Completely OPEN with no intentions.

2. Go in with INTENTION and experience what communicating with your Higher Self feels like.

3. Pause the video (midway) while you’re still in the higher realms and sit there until you feel complete.

We recommend doing these exercises as OFTEN as possible – once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to do it ANYWHERE!

Take out your Journal and Answer the following questions:

Was it easy for your to connect with your Soul?

If not, Where did you feel the resistance in your body?

What thoughts came up around it?

What fears did you ask to have released?

Where were they being stored in your body?

Did you feel any resistance to releasing the fear?

If so what did it sound like?


Write down HOW you entered you meditation – with intention or without.

What information or signs did you perceive?

Journal your experience and write down any messages, visions or experiences you had during the session.

Did you get any advice? Write that down.

Then FREE WRITE your experience.

Talk soon!

Elizabeth 🙂

day 6: How to tell when you're in alignment

t’s time to become more aware of your energy and your alignment with your Source.

When you have an awareness of your alignment and what that FEELS like then you have the opportunity to SHIFT it at any moment.

You DO have control over your feelings and your thoughts but it takes awareness and the willingness to perceive differently in order to create change.

Today’s video will give you an overview on how to know when you’re in Alignment and When You’re not.

Take a minute to rate on a scale of 1-10 (ten being the BEST you’ve ever felt to 1 being the worst.)


Think of something that FEELS GOOD to you. Maybe it’s playing with your kids, going shopping, Dancing, an interaction you had with your spouse/partner or friend.

Maybe it’s this photo:

Make sure that’s it’s something that makes you smile. IMMERSE yourself in that feeling for 30 seconds.

Now go back and scale it from 1-10. Did it move?

Did you bump up in vibration when thinking about something that makes you feel good?

This is the KEY to counteraction.

You’ve have just CHOSEN to FOCUS your frequency in another direction. AWAY from Negativity and TOWARD something Positive.

Practice this when you’re in the midst of something that doesn’t make you feel good and shift it.

Over time it will become easier and easier to shift your focus away from thoughts that drag you down to ones that make you FEEL GOOD! 🙂

day 7: 60 Minute Path & Purpose Session

This is a 1 hour Healing Session that will help you get back on your path and increase your awareness toward your purpose.

1. We invite you to take at least 2 -3 weeks to integrate the first healing session if you are new to our work.

2. If you’ve worked with me before – we invite you take to take at least 2 WEEKS to integrate before hitting this one.

3. If you’re feeling wonky from the first Healing Session – WAIT.

4. If you’re feeling unbalanced or unsteady – WAIT & go back and redo Days 1 & 3-6!

5. Doing MORE without integration can make you UNBALANCED & FEEL OFF.

6. All the calls can be re-listened to for deeper shift – so there’s NO HURRY!


When You SLOW DOWN & Allow For Integration, You SPEED UP The Process Of SHIFT!

This call includes but is not limited to processes to:

Finding your ZERO POINT / Stillness

Engage and locate the still point within the body deva, team and higher self. Bring all your energy from the past and the future back to the Divine line of all 3. Ask the AM to all model how they hold their still point in the themselves and reflect that to all 3

Activate stillness within the divine line x3 and move it through your entire field of awareness.

We ask that a ball of light that’s calibrated to your own souls’ essence be brought in and around the energy fields of x3 that has the capacity to fill the gaps and spaces with the vibration of stillness – so you’re moving thorough this session in this ball of stillness.

– Controlling the journey and how everything is supposed to look. Being Present in the moment – Too much energy in the future and in the past can lead to a stuck feeling of not being able to manifest anything in the present.

– Realign your path to your truth. Indecision – frustration, anxiety, confusion. Fear Of making the wrong decision happens when your. Your path is not aligned with your truth -Everywhere you’re putting up blocks and using confusion to block your path to your truth.

Locate Souls purpose and path for this lifetime and ask your HS to re-align your path to your Soul’s truth. Then reflect that truth and path down to you here in the physical dimension. Update and re-pattern that.

– Locate energy/pain that’s being held and is stuck in the physical form. Ask the body to release and return it to who it belongs to – Soul? Return the responsibility. for shifting that energy for someone else (including the Soul) Heal it and Lift that off the body and shift in the higher realms.

– Choose a trauma or a current fear that has arisen for you and bring that up into your awareness. Run trauma/ fear healing with a chamber.

Bedtime energetic acupuncture session to release Aggressive Energy (saturation of negativity)

That was just the additions to the call. There is more 🙂


We would love to hear how you made out!
Head over to our AWAKENED AND ALIGNED FB GROUP and post your experiences!
Thank You For Joining The 7 Day Alignment Series!

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