Manifesting Is A Sacred Act Of Alignment!


Yes, you heard me correctly.

Nothing is more important then getting in Alignment with your Soul, Source, Universal energy.

It is the VERY THING that supports and ALLOWS you to RECEIVE what you’re asking for.

It’s the ATTRACTION factor that helps you create your desires.

But that Alignment can be deterred by 3 SPECIFIC THINGS:

  • Your Thoughts.
  • Your Feelings.
  • Your Beliefs.

Everything sends out a vibrational message into the Universe and what returns is based on how you’re holding your energy.

Understanding HOW TO HACK THEM into Vibrational Attraction – Is the KEY to any manifestation!

Allow Me To Share My Quick Story With You…


Let’s Start With Abraham.


Abraham is a Collective Consciousness of Soul’s who are widely known to channel through Esther Hicks. They are MASTER TEACHERS of The Laws Of Attraction, & Alignment.

I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on Healers, Coaches because I wanted to amp up my own Alignment and Manifestation practice – so I could serve more people.

During this process I learned 2 things.

  You can’t just CLEAR everything without knowing how to counteract and handle challenging thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

  Basic Alignment Techniques are CRUCIAL to greater Love, Health, Money and Well-Being.

I didn’t have these techniques when I sat down and with my Intuition and said “I’m NOT investing in anymore coaching. That’s it!  I want you to send me a MASTER TEACHER.”

Three Months later in meditation – I heard:

“Would You Like Assistance With Your Alignment Practice?”


That’s when Abraham showed up…

I received a download from Abraham for my very first Group Alignment Teaching Program MYSTIC MONEY SHIFT – This program was so HIGH VIBE that it SOLD OUT in 2 weeks! In 2017, we launched our BADA$$ Money Shift Session and it SOLD OUT in 48 hours!

Now, I’m sharing these keys to Alignment, Vibrational Flow & Perception Re-direction; so you can have them too!

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