Hello, Business Soul!

Your Time Is Now!

Stepping into your own personal online business can be both Rewarding and Challenging. 

It takes determination, commitment and an unwavering Mindset game to dive deep into Alignment with your Soul. 

That and the path of the Solo-preneur can be one that is very lonely. 

When I started my Business, I didn’t have a solid support system and the one’s I tried to create online varied in frequency.

Some people just don’t want or have the desire to play big and those small mindsets were really dragging me down.

Family, is not much better.

They can’t see your Vision and don’t understand your work, business, or maybe there’s Karma there that says I don’t want to see you succeed. 

These types of interactions can Infect your Soul with Projections and Perceptions of Lack and Fear.

I know from experience, that those experiences killed my Attraction factor, decreased my levels of confidence and landed me with a year of  no income,  due to all the doubt and discouragement. 

So, I did what everyone else does – I hired a Coaches, Teachers, Healers etc…  and took as many courses online as I could.

BUT when they were over, I was still navigating my business on my own and without support.

That’s Why I Created EXPAND!

Who Are You?

You’re an Online Entrepreneur, Coach or Healer and the like who is fairly established making about $1,500 – 3,000 a Month.

You want Support, Interaction, Shifts, and Business Strategies to help leverage your current programs. 

You don’t want to wait a whole week for your next Coaching Session to ask a question.

You want to be busy doing the work you love to do but would like some extra support from a mentor with over 20 years in business. 

You want answers to your questions as soon as you can because you know that Mindset is important. 

You want to Connect and Engage with other Like-Minded Business women who are accomplishing the same goals, who CHEER you on when you set MONETARY GOALS and Totally want you to succeed!

They help you THINK bigger.

DREAM bigger… And Support You as you move onto your NEXT LEVEL. 

Alas, Mind Funk Happens…

It’s a side effect of running a business.

Everyone create blocks to success and when you’re in your head…

Then you’re in your way. 

Hiring Coaches and Healers EVERY TIME you have a Mindset hiccup can be costly…

That’s why I developed EXPAND.


The Mastermind is not only a safe space to connect and receive help… 

It’s a place for Solopreneur’s to connect with other Solopreneur’s to get Support and Coaching on the daily M-F.

We know you run into Mindset Blocks, your Energy Dips and your off focus.

It happens – that’s why the Mastermind Exists.

To get you back on track as quickly as possible!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

I’m Your  Mindset & Alignment Guide.

And, I can tell you from my 20+ years in helping people ALIGN and SHIFT that Business Challenges happens for everyone. 

Yes, we all have challenges and difficult experiences but all of these DO NOT get to come with you on your journey.

There comes a time when you DROP the STRUGGLE, HEAL the TRAUMA and step into your NEXT LEVEL.

That time is NOW.

I have been doing Alignment & Manifestation Work for Years.

I know what your struggles are and how your Mindset and Energy play a BIG part in where you are right now and I know how to GUIDE you out.

I have worked with 6 Figure Business Women and have helped them get totally ALIGNED with their Business, Passions, and Purpose – but most of all – getting ALIGNED with their OWN INNER BEING.

I can show you how to DISSOLVE Energetic Blocks that are in your way and help you CHANGE the way you see yourself and your abilities.

I know how to create a thriving business that supports you and your family because I did it.

I went from having $300 in the bank to building a Successful Online Practice where I’m making more money than I’ve ever made as a Professional Social Worker.

We’d Like to show you the tools we used in order to achieve that.

Elizabeth xx

What Others Have Experienced…


Your energy healing work with me this evening was amazing! …Your Intuitive Abilities were nothing short of Miraculous…

You have positively affected those fearful thoughts that were eating away at my Soul…

Words can’t even describe. Thank You So Much!

Kelly Schaefer

Task Complete

I love Elizabeth’s Work!

 In a world where it’s hard to find people who can effectively find blockages and go all in –

Elizabeth does.

The pay days are rolling in ~ I just feel so much love!

Jennifer Weatherly

Sea Fog Media

Yesterday’s Session Was Amazing!

 This morning I woke up with an idea to get some money coming in more quickly!

Thank you!

I want to work with you in a bigger way – so I’m booking another appointment to continue what we started!

Jennifer Currie

Soul Purpose Coach For Empowered Creativity

“I Cannot Recommend Her More.

 I’ve now had 2 Powerful Sessions With Elizabeth & I Can Vouch First Hand For The Result.”

Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid, The Oracle! Author, spiritual intuitive, medium, founder of Oracle School®

Pretty frickin’ fabulous ~

 …If I do say so myself!

My energy is through the roof!

I have had over $1000 in services sales this week!

I’m so pleased with the shifts I am already receiving!

Kristy Lynn

The amount of shift in my life has been enormous!

 Elizabeth packs so much energy and information in each session.

I’m manifesting my dream come true!

Elizabeth has taught me how to remain calm in the center of a storm and gives you the tools you need.

Author, Speaker, Ground One Coaching

Kathy Ramsperger

Elizabeth Is The Real Deal!

This is absolutely, hands-down the best investment you can make in yourself! It’s been a humbling and beyond Empowering healing journey and my investments in her abilities are absolutely investments in myself. 

I have transformed in ways that I never thought I would and it’s astounding how quickly these shifts and healings take root within and manifest beatifully on the outside.

DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by! 

This is your time to say YES to YOU, your process, and to your Soul getting you to where you deisre to be.

Namaste, beautiful soul! 

Monica Martin

Goddess Healer & Coach

How It Works


M-F Send a text, voice message or send other info to Elizabeth or the Other Group Members through the Voxxer Phone App. From 9-5pm Est. 

Here, you can Connect – ANYTIME with questions or requests for support or whenever you need a Mindset Shift in your Business or  Energy. 


That’s right!

EXPAND with us every other week as we meet  LIVE on ZOOM!

Depending on what the Group Energy is asking for we’ll do Either Live Coaching, Healing or Training for about 1-2 hours!


The Academy contains over 355+ Courses & Training files on Mindset, Energy and Alignment Courses and Trainings.

When you join EXPAND, you get FREE ACCESS to ALL of those materials for the ENTIRE TIME you are in the Mastermind. 


Each year, Elizabeth Opens Enrollment into her Signature Courses and Programs.

As a Mastermind member you receive FREE ACCESS to these Courses as a part of your package. 

Plus, should Elizabeth create a NEW one while you’re with her, you’ll get FREE ACCESS to that one too! 

The Investment

This Level Of High Touch Play Is Something I Really Excel At.

I LOVE connecting with my Masterminder’s and helping them see their situations and circumstance from a different perspective.

The faster, you can get your Mindset and Energy On Track, the quicker you’re able to accomplish your goals and dreams!

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?



No miNimum Commitment  

Pay in full $3,000

3 Monthly Payments $1,111


If You Made It Down This Far, Then There’s Something That Is Deeply Resonating With You Here.

Listen To That.

Take a moment to really tune in and see how that feels. Your internal guidance system will never you let you down.

It knows EXACTLY What you need and when you need it.

We are 1000% focused on helping you reach your goals and create the type of life you want to live by helping you get out of your own way.

Tune In Right Now.

 Take a deep breath in… and remember…

 Things that feel LIGHT and expansive are in alignment with your purpose and path.

 Things that feel HEAVY and constricted are not in alignment for you at the moment.

 Feel into whether it’s the right time for you to work with us now and if it is…