Activating The Connection To Your…

Body, Soul & Team

About the…

Session Focus.

This session focuses on Universal Connections. Connection with your Body Deva, Your Guides, Team etc…

There will be a healing energy for the Soul and team around all the places where you feel alone and unloved by self and others.

Plus some energetic processing around beliefs that keep you stuck and lonely – Plus some other surprises!”  The Essence Mastery Guides 🙂

This Session includes these…

Energetic Processes

he Processes

  • Grounding recalibration for Earth’s Current Magnetic Frequency.
  • Octopus totem to help clean and clear grounding cords.
  • Healing the tunnel of light of how you receive downloads
  • Filtered downloaded energetic information and dumped what didn’t serve you.
  • Upgraded the ways in which you download information. (increasing your broadband)
  • Cleared and cleaned the third eye and crown.
  • Clearing the third eye of hooks and cords.
  • Moving all your reference points for how you see yourself back to you.
  • Returning all the ways other people try to use your third eye to see themselves.
  • Pineal Gland – clearing, healing and decalicification.
  • Activating the Pineal Gland.
  • Recalibrating the ways in which you connect with your Essence. Moving Vertically instead of Horizontally.
  • Upgrading and recalibrating the energetic ears and eyes to hear and see your essence from this new place.
  • Learn how to receive vertically and keep your energy clean and clear from others.
  • Healing from the Sun from all the ways in which you have felt ashamed for being different.
  • Downloads for how to be in your power as a Divine Goddess Being.
  • Past life trauma healing for all the times you were punished, harmed or killed for being in your full power.
  • Bringing in forgiveness and releasing of regret and shame.
  • Clearing the victimizer energy and brining in forgiveness and regret.
  • Removing all curses, hexes and spells from all the people that you have hurt or killed in a past life for being in their power.
  • Visit from the Angelic Choir who tones sounds in order to help remember who you are.
  • Visit from the Whales who use their sounds to help you remove blocks to remembering who you are.
  • Visit from the Enlightened Nature kingdom to left you with a special gift. A flower to help remind you of your Inner Goddess you.


What They Say After These Kinds Of Activations

Ready To Create…

Universal Connections? 

Session Includes:

  • Audio Mp3 Download
  • Video Mp4 Download
  • Bada$$ Session Workbook