This a powerfully Mystic session for those who are moving into greater conscious states of being.

Do NOT operate heavy machinery or Drive a vehicle while listening

The Processes:


This session will take 2 hours to process and 1 week to integrate. It also has 60 layers which means you can listen to it up to 60 times for deeper shift!

Elizabeth channels each session LIVE – below are a list of some of the processes covered that have been reported back from the group as they came in.


*Whales and Dolphins coming in to support the session with Sound Therapy.

*Belief: There’s not enough time.

*A lesson from the Essence Mastery Guides on how to bend time.

*Work on the Sacral Chakra

*Past Life Sexual & Creative block removal

*Upgrading the LIGHT WORKER grid.

*The Light Worker Grid was accessed in the higher realms and cleared of the old consciousness patterns of:

  • Punishment
  • Co-dependance
  • Disempowerment
  • Illness
  • Discord.

*Activating the NEW LIGHT WORKER grid that is based in Empowerment

*Clearing of Multi-dimensional Curses, Hexes and Spells that linger from the Ancestral Line.

*Red Cord removal of discord from the:

  • Shoulder
  • Heart
  • Sacral
  • Leg
  • Ankle

*Realigning the Third Eye for these new perspectives.

*Releasing responsibilities for healing or shifting your Ancestral line.

*ArchAngel Gabriel coming to help you realign your communication mechanisms.

*Clearing of Old Past Issues around Anger and Resentment.

*Body Deva Releasing Cellular Memory from the form.

*Energetic Detox Of The Live where anger is held.



 What Other’s Experienced:

Session Includes:


  • 1 -50 minute Mp3

  • 1 -50 minute Mp4

  • 1 Bada$$ Money Shift Workbook