The Bundle…

Abundant, Sassy, & CreativE

We See You…

We Know that you are stuck in a rut and weighed down by other people’s beliefs.

You are keeping yourself small when you were meant to fly.


Are you finally DONE with functioning from other people’s perceptions of you? 

Ready to stop believing what you thought and align with your truth?

Are you feeling Done with feeling like you have to meet everyone else’s expectations?

Would you like to FINALLY clear some of that – so you can get on with your own life? 

Ready To LET GO of other people’s fear and insecurities that have been projected on to you? 

We Think You Are!

It’s Time To Move On.

It’s time to get your Mindset Aligned and clear any beliEfs you’re carrying around that DO NOT belong to you in the areas of LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY AND BUSINESS. 


That’s Why I have COMBINED 3 Of Mindset Belief Clearing Programs and Bundled Them All Up As One!  

These 3 programs will target the areas of ALIGNED ABUNDANCE and getting yourself clear of belief systems that you run from your parents.

Then we’ll take your RICH AND SASSY self and start clearing away BUSINESS BELIEFS that you’ve taken on from Social Media and The Coaching Industry.

Last, we will show you how to UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE gifts and heal from beliefs that say you can’t get paid for being an artist and all the funk that goes along with that.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m, Elizabeth Pfeiffer,

I am a Mystic Mindset Guide who combines Multi-Dimensional Teachings such as the Law Of Attraction & Higher Dimensional Work with practical Mindset and Energy Activations.

I love introducing people to our Sacred Containers and help them – not only Manifest Money – but to create greater Alignment and Flow with their own Soul Source.

I feel that if you have a gift that you would love to spend the rest of your life doing… then you should… and you should get paid for it.

Here’s my short story… I started my practice over 20 years ago with $300 in my bank account, no clients, $0 months and a poor mindset.

After studying with some of the world’s most famous Spiritual Trailblazers and Healers – I learned how to  work Multi-Dimensionally, Reset and Reprogram my Mindset, my energy and I started teaching these practices to others.

Now, my Mindset and Alignment Programs  are some of the most transformational programs you can get in the online Coaching & Healing space – and I’ve gone from $0 pay days to $30,000 coaching programs.

Let’s Show You What You Get


Clear & Heal With Energetic Processing and Manifestation Tools.

  • Clear Childhood beliefs based on other people’s projections.
  • Knowing that you have a block but don’t know what it is.
  • Clear beliefs you’ve picked up from your parents.
  • Clear beliefs you’ve picked up from your friends.
  • Clear beliefs to not being good enough.
  • Clear beliefs to not feeling valued.
  • Clear beliefs  to not being powerful.
  • Clear beliefs o your inner knowing.
  • Plus more that are too many to list here.


  • 3 Money Block | Belief Clearing Mp3’s

  • Guided Meditation For Block Removal.

  • PDF & MP3 Instructions On How To Work With The Program, Worksheets & Homework.

  • Guided Meditation & Processing for Manifestation

Rich & Sassy

Freedom From Limitation

Tired of hearing the same old belief systems in your Coaching Or Healing Communities?  

  • You can’t be a coach if you don’t have a coach.
  • They’ll kick me out of the club if I’m not like them.
  • You have to invest in yourself in order to make money.
  • People won’t take me seriously as a coach if I think differently.
  • My business is only a hobby and I’m not really helping anyone.
  • I’m too young or too old to be an independent business woman.
  • I’m afraid that If I don’t align with everyone else – no one will like me. etc…


  • A Total Of 90 Minutes Of Energy Belief Clearing

  • A 30 minute Session To Boost Your Confidence

  •  Our vibrational short cut to manifesting Video.

  • A 30 Minute Healing Bonus Session For…

  • Solar Plexus Clearing
  • Release of Past Life Trauma 
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Heal the Kill Point
  • Clearing Anger and Resentment
  • Healing For the Liver and Heart
  • Contract Releases Release of
  • Negative Karma
  • Trauma Healing for Body and Soul

Unleashing Your Creative Gifts

Join us for this IN DEPTH conversation about Creatives and Experience Healing Energy in the areas of: 

  • I can’t make money off of my creative work.
  • My products or creations aren’t Worth what I want to ask for them.
  • Who’s going to pay me for my work?
  • Healing around being Successful.
  • Replacing these with new downloads like:
    • I know what it feels like to be successful
    • I know how to receive money for my gifts and services.
  • Past Life Healing that is currently activated that’s playing in the NOW around your creative work.
  • Healing the Starving Artist Paradigm.
  • Activating the energy of Thriving Instead of Surviving.


    • A 30 Minute video and conversation about being an online creative.

    • Over 14+ processes to Clear and Heal Those Beliefs.

    • And A SHIFT in how you see yourself and your work!

    Other Experiences

    Are You An Abundant, Sassy, Creative? 

    Get Clear On Your Art, Your Life & Your Business!

    One Full Payment