A Gazillion Thank You’s!

I hope to get another opportunity to do this again. I could feel extreme lightness and movement of energy, swirling activation. Feels lovely. Balanced. Peaceful and energetic. Lightness was floating in from the higher chakras to the lower chakras and out from my center, clearing from the inside out. This was fantastic!

Sky Cardenas

The Spiritual Bliss Coach

Super Powerful…

“AMAZING!!!! Best  healing session yet!!!” 🙌

“… Liz is one of my favorites and her energy is super powerful.”

“This has helped me see myself on multiple levels, who I REALLY am.”

“Seriously though… I came for a Sagittarius new moon “you can do it message” and ended up healed ♥️

Multi-Dimensional Healing…

The Subtle Work Sessions are a combination of Multi-Dimensional Healing  that will help accelerate things like Manifestation and greater Well-Being.

They allow  you to dive deep and help you increase recovery times from Trauma, Fear, Stress and other Energetic issues that are stored in the Subtle and Chakra System of the human energy field.

This process will allow you to clear and heal stuck stubborn energy at an accelerated rate and help you create greater Balance for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Working on these levels, not only provides us a comprehensive intervention, but can accelerate relief from long standing situations.

What’s Inside This session?

Subtle Sessions differ from our Bada$$ Money Shift sessions in that each session focuses on approximately 3 topics and works on it until it hits the root and clears it from the subtle body.

This Session Includes 50 Minutes Of Work around the areas of:

  • Dealing with ways in which you try to change yourself to please others.
  • Over sharing personal issues under the guise of creating money and clients.
  • Past Life, Current & Inter-dimensional Sexual Assault & Trauma.

What’s Included?

Each Download Includes The Following:

  • An Mp4 Video version of the session.
  • A Mp3 Audio version of the session.
  • A Subtle Session Workbook to process the energy – post session – to avoid energetic fall out or a healing crisis.

Are You Ready To Subtle Heal?

All of the processes included can be re-listened to for deeper shift and healing of your issues. Please allow up to 2 weeks of integration before using again.