Recorded: Sept 2017

?Clear heart chakra

?Open throat Chakra up through third eye

?Clean out clogged energy in crown Chakra.

?Heal and repair the Crown Chakra, removing stuck energy for clarity

?Unclog the occiput around head.

?Activate the third eye and the Crown

?Energetic calibration in the Crown to the new energy that’s coming down

?Clearing old thoughts and patterns ourselves to help connect with source.

?Cleared Heart Chakra from: Abandonment (parental energy; mother and father), resistance, and betrayal.

?Replaced it with divine truth and perspective of energy of above and below, the mother and father, the balance between the two.

?Removed ancestral thread that used betrayal to keep family line together as in they’re stuck in the same patterns of belief.

?Cleared and healed Solar Plexus from feeling unappreciated, power, disempowered, being fearful, lost, and alone.

?Separation vibrations being cleared.

?Dissolving area around Heart (Pericardium): uncalcified and cleared hardened heart. Open to love.

?Cleared and healed money channels on right side of the lung, removing blockage. Remove loss and regret

?Cleared and opened right foot, right sides: personal feelings, personal development, remove blockages about grounding, and problems moving forward in the world.

?Energy leaving the Crown, clear all upper energy, and pain so it can balance increasing magnetic fields.

?Clear and heal the Liver: rid anger, resentment, fear, clearing of “IT’S NOT FUCKING WORKING WITH ME.”

?Healed and repaired Pericardium: cleared throat Chakra, activated greater empowered connections and enlightenment in divine mind.


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