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Source Connections


Processes Covered…

  • Clear heart chakra
  • Open throat Chakra up through third eye
  • Clean out clogged energy in crown Chakra.
  • Heal and repair the Crown Chakra, removing stuck energy for clarity
  • Unclog the occiput around head.
  • Activate the third eye and the Crown
  • Energetic calibration in the Crown to the new energy that’s coming down
  • Clearing old thoughts and patterns ourselves to help connect with source.
  • Cleared Heart Chakra from: Abandonment (parental energy; mother and father), resistance, and betrayal.
  • Replaced it with divine truth and perspective of energy of above and below, the mother and father, the balance between the two.
  • Removed ancestral thread that used betrayal to keep family line together as in they’re stuck in the same patterns of belief.
  • Cleared and healed Solar Plexus from feeling unappreciated, power, disempowered, being fearful, lost, and alone.
  • Separation vibrations being cleared.
  • Dissolving area around Heart (Pericardium): uncalcified and cleared hardened heart. Open to love.
  • Cleared and healed money channels on right side of the lung, removing blockage.
  • Remove loss and regret
  • Cleared and opened right foot, right sides: personal feelings, personal development, remove blockages about grounding, and problems moving forward in the world.
  • Energy leaving the Crown, clear all upper energy, and pain so it can balance increasing magnetic fields.
  • Clear and heal the Liver: rid anger, resentment, fear,
  • Healed and repaired Pericardium
  • Clear throat Chakra
  • Activated greater empowered connections and enlightenment in Divine mind.


What They Say After These Kinds Of Activations

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Source Connections? 

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  • Bada$$ Session Workbook