Guided Healing Visualizations


Soul Journey’s is a unique meditation process.

They begin with a guided visualizations to help you see what your issues are but they also contain ENERGY HEALING ACTIVATIONS to help you clear, heal and recalibrate the issues you bring to your meditation.

Each mediation contains a beginning visualization to clean and clear your chakras and then takes you up the level of your Higher Self.

Then contains either before, during or after  –  about 30 minutes of energetic processing.

Each Journey is Unique


Each journey brings you to a sacred space where you can dive deep into your subconscious and get information and healing on issues you bring to the session.

During each journey you will meet a new set of guides, healers, helpers and enlightened beings who have come forth to assist you on your journey. You will be able to ask them questions or get symbolic answers to them in the form of visions or feelings.

Each Soul Journey can be used again and again for deeper work or to begin with a new issue.


What You Will Address In Your  Journeys


Journey 1:

During journey 1 you will be lead into another realm where your Higher Self Resides. In this realm you will travel to the Castle where your Higher Self will receive you. Here you will create a greater connection to your Source and be able to get any Clarity or Guidance you need at this time. During your time with your Higher Self you will receive 2 gifts, meet your journey guide, see your animal totem helper and re-balance your chakra system.


Journey 2

Journey 2 will take you back to the past during a time in which you were wounded and lost your power. During this meditation you will meet your journey guide who will show you the lifetime that needs to be addressed and take you back so that you can heal and resolve that lifetime. During this meditation you will also retrieve your power from this point of time and bring it back to you in the now. Afterwards, your Higher Self will bring you to a healing temple where you will receive energy work for these pieces.


Journey 3:

On your third journey you will travel through the realms of the Elven kingdom where you will confront one of your subconscious blocks that holds you back from moving forward in your life or biz. Here you will confront this aspect of you who is scared and afraid to move forward. You will learn how to diffuse this fear, clear the block and then turn it over to your Higher Self who will reintegrate this fearful Soul piece back into your energy.


Journey 4:

Last but not least is the long awaited trip to the healing Temple that lies just beyond the realm of elves. This healing temple is a powerful and magical place where the crystal energy of gemstones are called into help with releasing all the ways you either hurt another or another has hurt you. During your time in the temple you will receive high frequencies of energy healing and be given two gifts as you leave.




Enjoy 3 More Soul Journey Mp3’s!


These sessions were previously recorded and will take you on a journey through the ocean landscapes where you can mingle and connect with the dolphins and sea creatures.

Each journey contains powerful guided visualizations and healing and can be used over and over again for more Clarity, Clearing, Healing and Connection.

That’s a total of 7 – 50 Minute Guided Healing Visualization Mp3’s!


Ready To Journey Into The Heart Of Your Soul &

Heal What Holds You Back?


*Each session comes in an mp3 format and contains approximately 50 minutes of energetic processing.

*They are not to be taken lightly and should be used with caution. We recommend allowing up to 2 weeks of integration time between each journey to ensure proper integration.

*Each session can be used repeatedly for deeper work on the same issue or to being work on another.

*They use multidimensional healing work in order to access and heal your issues.


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