Get Help….. S.T.A.T.


If you truly believe that YOU create your own reality with every thought, feeling and belief, THEN you can start UNCREATING the beliefs that keep you Stuck, Small, & Sad.

You see your Ego creates THOUGHTS, that according to it, are designed to keep you safe and protected.


The Ego Thinks That SMALL = SAFE.


The truth, however, is that they are FEAR BASED cautions, warning you against repeating familiar patterns that didn’t work out for you before.

Those sound like this:

  • *Why bother? You know how it’s going to work out.
  • *Don’t even try – that’s not for you.
  • *Oh no, we’re not good enough to venture in that direction.
  • *This is our lot in life – you can’t change it.
  • *Just learn to live with what you have – don’t ask for more.
  • *You’re not worth what you charge.
  • *No one will ever buy products from you.

These THOUGHTS are mostly Negative and self-deprecating and can effect Your Mind, Body and Soul. With enough repetition they can affect your body and make you physically ill.

This Is What We Call A ‘Programmed Pattern’

It’s a cycle of THOUGHT that lead to TRIGGERS that lead to NEGATIVE FEELINGS that lead to MORE TRIGGERS that start the cycle all over again with even more THOUGHTS.

This dysfunctional cycle will continue in loop until that thought pattern is interrupted. You have been running this type of, Unconscious Programming for most of your life, without even realizing it.


Now You Can Stop The Program!


When You Can Identify The Pattern – You Can Begin To Stop The Cycle And…

  • Neutralize the Triggers.

  • Delete the Thought & Triggers from your Energy.

  • Create Greater Awareness of WHY and WHERE your Mind-Shift is.

  • Gain Greater Insight As To WHY your Mind-Shift is The Way It Is.

  • Increase Your Level of Courage To Confront Your Mind-Shift.

  • Clear Your Negative Self-Talking Ego Monster & Replaces it With New Energy That Supports You.

  • Heal Any Patterns, Behavior & Energy That Might Have Led To Creation Of Your Current Mind-Shift.

  • Teach You How To Change Your Mind-Shift even AFTER the course is over!

  • Receive Energetic Interventions to Help Create Change.

  • Increase Your Levels Of Self-Empowerment.

  • Increase Your Levels of Courage.

  • Move Out Of States Of Fear.

  • Start Taking Control Of Your Mind-Shift – Instead Of Allowing It To Take Control Of You!

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m Elizabeth Pfeiffer


I’ve been doing Vibrational Alignment work for over 10 years and hold over 20 metaphysical certificates.

Prior to that, I worked as a Licensed Social Worker and worked with lots of people suffering from various sets of issues… but  I don’t practice as a Social Worker anymore.

I’ve come to find that our combination of ABOVE WORK (Soul Energy Work) and BELOW WORK (Belief Work) are able to get my client’s back into Alignment in LESS TIME than traditional therapeutic interventions and with GREATER RESULTS!

I created all our  programs to help you accelerate the process of identifying and shifting limiting thoughts that hold you back from creating the type of life you want to live!

I use my ‘Mad Energy Healing Skills’ to help you create profound personal shifts at an accelerated rate & release Energetic blocks –so you can go from blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose as you Shift Into Greater Alignment!

Now, I wish to share these advanced processes with you, and save you years of frustration, discomfort and uncertainty by showing you how to use these same techniques to create a life that’s full of Energetic Freedom, Joy and Love!




When stuff comes up you can feel it but heavy or dense energy can wreak havoc on your vibration. So how do you MOVE stuck energy BEFORE it becomes a problem? S.T.A.T.

S.T.A.T. is a FIVE WEEK Re-Calibration Journey To Help You Surrender, Trust, & Align BEFORE Your Energy Hits Rock Bottom.


Over The Next 5 Weeks You Learn…


How To Use The STAT Technique.

You have to start somewhere – might as well be at the beginning! Here you will review EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get started!


Resistance Overview & Release Practice. 

This section alone will change the way you shift your energy.

Resistance is the biggest part of what hold you back. Get a handle on that and you’ll get a handle on your vibration as well.


Releasing Fear & Trauma.

Finally the deep dive!

As you observe what comes up for you Fear and Trauma (This life or Past) can sneak into your energy and try to keep you from moving forward.

In this section you’ll be able to release any stuck energy around Fear and Trauma and allow it to leave once and for all.

Includes energetic shifting as well!



Releasing Tough Resistance Pieces.

This is the section for the type of resistance you’re just not ready to let go of.

It’s okay! We all have those little nuggets – so in this section we’ll dive deeper and show you how to get them and let them go!


Increasing Courage When Faced With Challenging Vibrations.

Taking a step further into areas that might be uncomfortable or upsetting in this section.

So here you will focus on how to increase your levels of Courage to LOOK at those pieces and release them.

This will help you set your self free from what’s been holding you down!

WHAT YOU Will Experience…



Receive Processes throughout the 5 weeks to make your transition out of STUCK FUNK and into the CLEAR. 

You can create AS MUCH SHIFT for yourself during these 5 weeks.

Plus learn how to process a Vibration that’s shown up for you during the course and get clear answers as to how to clear it!


No Training Course is complete without homework and extra exercises to practice with.

These exercises will drive home all the energy that is processed and allow you to integrate fully!

Plus These Bonuses

  • Several sets of written instructions in PDF form for your reference.
  • Homework assignments.
  • The STAT feeling Chart.
  • Techniques on how to move through the blocks or ‘tough nuts.’
  • Access to greater Clarity.
  • Lots of additional Content, Value and Shift.


It’s one thing to NOT KNOW what your Mind-Shift is – it’s another to DO SOMETHING about it.  

In these Series you will gain more CLARITY as to what stories your Mind keeps playing over and over.

You will use the S.T.A.T. technique to start Taking Control Of Your Mind-Shift and You will receive Energy Processing to help ERASE it from your Energetic Fabric. 

This in it and of itself – will help you create a more BALANCED mind that will SERVE YOU instead of BLOCK YOU.


Is NOT an introductory course where you only get a piece of the bigger pie. NO! We are going to TEACH YOU how to use the S.T.A.T. Technique in order to make changes in the way you THINK and FEEL.

You will be able to use this Technique anywhere you are. You won’t have to open a book, read through it and get all the instructions.  It’s EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO USE and will help you create TONS OF SHIFT.

Are You Ready To Align... STAT?