This Session is about opening to the…

Flow Of Money.


 The Processes Include:

  • DOWNLOAD: People and the way in which project money onto them
    • Recalibrate
    • How to reference point money
    • Money grids recalibrated
    • Chest pressure and solar plexus
    • Healing heart chakra around poverty and lack consciousness imprinted by family
    • Observe feeling, love and accept in order to release
    • Reweaving the grids of abundance: personal vibrational grids of abundance. Grids we’ve mastered over lifetimes. When we get here we imprint other peoples grids onto our own. This removed those energies and reweaved and repaired it back to our grid
    • Removed pieces that we were holding onto money as a place of responsibility and fear Money to keep safe and a way to stay out of fear


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  • DOWNLOAD Free from self imprisonment related to money
    • Remove all the ways kept a prisoner by making money your priority
    • When we make money our priority to be responsible for safety, protection and survival removed reference points and moved them outside to money
    • CHANNEL:Money is not an evil it is energy and when we make that energy responsible for our abundance then we are not using our inner being. That is where your true abundance and flow of abundance and essence resides.
    • Reference points moved back onto spine
  • Money Blueprints
    • How you set up the lifeplan. You fill in the details based on the structure your soul created.
    • Redesigned blueprint from a place of limitation when we got here
    • Reviewed the blueprints and redesign with them
    • Higher heart energy: Moving Reference points off of money and back to the essence at the Thymus Chakra
    • Repatterning of the Heart and Thymus Chakra, Identity, perception, reality grids updated and repatterned
  • Channels of receiving
    • Receive more love
      • Expansion of heart and thymus
      • Removal of fear, lack poverty, limitation, sacrifice self to please others
    • Reference pointing love outside of self(looking for love in all the wrong places)
      • Internal reference point of love
      • Amplify internal reference point
    • Releasing lost and alone feelings
    • Allowing love=Money
    • Solar Plexus Activation
    • Clearing of sacral blocks to creativity and sexual energy

Waite! There’s EVen..

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  • Root Chakra: Healing for any ways you’ve taken on ways of being from your ancestors race culture history( Egyptian)
    • Clearing of survival , protection, lack, fear
    • DNA Recalibration: Vibrational upgrade
    • Clearing of using fear as an excuse to fall back on from the ancestral grids
      • Removed Keeping it small and safe energy
    • Money Templates repatterned
    • DOWNLOAD: How and what it feels like to be fully abundant in your soul’s essence
    • Clear any cords in Root Chakra leading fear and anxiety
    • Recalibration of Root/Heart: All ways in which you have come to be of service on the planet
    • Closing all doors to lower realms where there is lack and poverty
      • Cleared out of fields
    • Clearing of hooks out of souls essence
    • Responsibilities given to other people for abundance and care of money returned
      • Contracts and agreements fired/finished and completed
      • Move into greater state of personal responsibility
      • Activate Spiritual Lessons around responsibilities.

Whew! That was the last of it. Needless to say… this was a HUGE Session! 


What They Say After These Kinds Of Activations

Ready To… 

Re-Align Your Money? 

Session Includes:

  • Audio Mp3 Download
  • Video Mp4 Download
  • Bada$$ Session Workbook