…And  Set Yourself Free


Sometimes You wonder why you get so distressed, upset, angry and even rage full when 

World Events Happen.

You recognize that this is not your true state of being, but yet you can’t control the rush of emotions that flood your system, and you feel as if you want to lash out or express yourself in some way.

In order to understand why this happens you must first understand your cosmic connection with the grids on the planet that shape, mold and sometimes attempt to control your behavior. 

There are 2 grids that overlay the planet.

The First one is what we call the: MASS CONSCIOUSNESS GRID.

Imagine, if you will, an intricate spider web of energy that overlays the entire energetic body of the planet, where we as a field of conscious awareness, are interconnected through the web. Anything that happens to the web – happens and affects all of us – no matter where you are in the world.

It’s like a spider that can sense when a fly has landed in the web – that web vibrates and sends a message to the other strands in the web that it’s caught something!

How mass consciousness affects you…

When you choose…

To align with the Mass Consciousness grid you will experience the lower vibrations of Victimization, Fear, Anger, Depression, helplessness and hopelessness.

It’s a very DIS-EMPOWERING feeling.

But when you choose to align with the Enlightened Being Grid you will feel more:

  • Empowered
  • Less Stressed
  • Less Empathic
  • More Peaceful
  • More Balanced
  • Less Anxiety
  • More Still
  • More Stabilized 
  • …and in more Alignment With With Your Source.


What They Say

This Training was designed to show you how to…

Disconnect your Energy From Mass Consciousness.

Inside  you will find: 

  • 2 MP4 (Video) Trainings 50 min -ish
  • A 15 Min Empowerment Session
  • The Disconnect From Mass Consciousness Mp3 Activation
  • The Disconnect From Social Media Control Mp3 Activation
  • Recall all your Safety & Upgrade Your Grids Mp3
  • Release Empathic Sensitivity Mp3

All Material is Downloadable and Yours to keep!


Are You ready To Disconnect From The…

Mass Consciousness?