?Return and retrieve energy from others energy fields – stolen gifts, powers, soul fragments.

?Throat chakra -clearing and healing around speaking your truth & speaking from your heart.

?Throat chakra – fear of being heard and seen energy

?Removing fear implants in heart – fear of not being accepted & old programs of fear

?Clearing of cords snaked around throat and head-regarding

  • being passive
  • being accepted by other people
  • persecution
  • not being accepted

?Lifetimes of cording when it wasn’t safe or proactive being replaced with own souls perception of confidence, acceptance and truth and reweaving those grids.

?Solar Plexus recalibrating back of head and third eye plus cords from others.

?3rd eye – front recalibration– how you perceive yourself

  • Recalibration of your reference points and the way in which you perceive out of everyone elses 3rd eye – clean, cleared and re-calibrated
  • Seeing from your heart and speaking from your own true voice
  • Healing Grids – all ways in which you perceive yourself in the world
  • Projections and perceptions of others peoples junk

?Activating spiritual lessons in confidence, security, safety and protection

?Channels for $$$ opening

?Parental energy, Gurus, mentors etc

?Opening the Crown releasing resistance

??DNA Recoding

???Activations 1-6 of DNA Strands



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