Run the session at a level 3-5 or calibrate to your own intuition.

Chambers of Light are activated for

  •  Self Empowerment
  •  Trust
  •  Faith
  •  Allowing
  •  Health
  •  Balance
  •  Money

Group scan: Healing & Empowerment  Processes run for both…

  • Taking responsibility for your own personal healing OFF others.
  • Setting your energy up for empowered healing.

Connection To Your Own Source:

  • Using your Own Healing Source
  • Using your Own Healing Connection.
  •  Activating healing
  • Empowerment and
  • Responsibility in your Divine Live

3RD Eye Clearing and Recalibration for:

  • Identifying and Perceiving Your Own Healing Power.
  • Removal of cords from the front and back of third eye.
  • Bringing in new Grids for : Divine Clarity & Divine Perception

Clearing and Healing the Pineal Gland

Using Sacred Geometric Holograms and shapes around the pineal gland

  • Decalcification of the pineal
  • Energetic purge of pineal gland
  • Healing the pineal gland

Crown Chakra: Clearing the cloudy discordant energy locked in the upper crown that blocks connection.

Transformation and reformation of the following vibrations:

  •    Separation
  •    Abandonment
  •    Doubt
  •    Mistrust
  •    Misalignment
  •    Discord
  •    Fear based energy

Activations of love, light, joy, inner trust

Heart:  Real truth (new piece)

Clearing and recalibration of how you Honor your self.

  • Clearing ways in which you Dishonoring Self
  • Replaced with activation of
  • self honor
  • self appreciation

Activating the Vibrations of Self-appreciation to avoid

  • Drama
  • Truama
  • Pain
  • Suffering

Being in the NOW and appreciating the moment is where manifestation occurs. Being too far ahead an not in alignment with where you are will create blocks in your manifestation.

Self Appreciation for where you are and what your gifts are is the KEY to avoid discord.