Healing Activation

This Remote Group Session Includes…

1 50 min remote Healing Session

24-48 Hour Integration Container


Elizabeth & Her Healing Guides Will Activate A Remote Energy Healing Session at the time listed below.

That energetic information will then FLOW TO YOU in the Higher Dimensions Where YOUR TEAM, GUIDES & SOURCE will bring in the healing processes you need in order to CLEAR, SHIFT or HEAL what is appropriate for you at this time. 

Nothing is off the table. Whether you need to CLEAR, SHIFT OR HEAL something it doesn’t matter.

We have set the container so that YOU can receive specifically calibrated energy for yourself ASIDE From the group work that will be done.

All you have to do is set your intentions and receive.


Tuesday, January 28th @ 9:00 PM Est.

Instructions how to receive the session will be sent to you after purchase.

Elizabeth & her Essence Mastery Guides will facilitate the session- but will NOT be running any energy on you or for you.

All Shifts are occurring through your OWN Source.

***Due to the nature of the session and the desire to DIVE DEEP into your Personal Issues – There will be no report post session. This will allow your Source & Teams to GO DEEP into what you need without having to fit into the group parameters.***

Session includes a 24 -48 hour Integration Container!