Activating Your DNA &…

Set Yourself Free!

It’s about…

Freedom & DNA

This session was a part of our Soul Bridging Series but contained some really powerful Money Codes and DNA activations.

Not only is this a great clearing of lack consciousness programs BUT is also perfect for giving your spiritual growth and evolution a kick start with the balancing, disconnection and activation of your DNA.

This is a MUST HAVE if you’ve never had your DNA activated or have issues around money.


Processes Covered…

  • How to manage Astrological Energies and shifts transmitted by the Sun
  • Clear and Release Past life trauma.
  • Disconnecting from Mass consciousness of survival and discord.
  • Healing  all the past experiences that have kept you in lack, drama, trauma, pain and suffering.
  • Return and retrieve you Souls power and Magic
  • Activate Your DNA – Parts 1 and Parts 2 (up to 12 strands) 
  • Activation to Clear Universal and Collective Wounds.


Definition of The Collective & Universal Wounds :

Covers the release and disconnection from suffering and the grids of survival – this can help you if you have money issues – it will release the energy around past lives, genetics and core beliefs around the survival grid.

Deep, hidden wounds are held in the collective consciousness that are linked by the same beliefs, limitations, behaviors, and experiences. This consciousness program helps clear ancestral memory, DNA,  mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual disturbances where the point of creation is difficult to detect or resolve.

This session has 20 layers!

This means that you can re-listen to it up to 20 times for even deeper shift.


What They Say After These Kinds Of Activations

Ready To Activate Your…

Freedom & DNA?

Session Includes:

  • Audio Mp3 Download
  • Video Mp4 Download