How To Attract Instead Of Repel.



Moving all your power back into Integrity.
Recalibrating your money grids in your Solar Plexus.
Releasing parental & ancestral Money Grids and Beliefs
Locate and Open to receive your own Soul’s Gifts.
Increase your levels of Value for your own Gifts.
Open to receive from your own Source/Essence.
Using the Christ Consciousness frequency to heal.
Releasing lack of integrity with your money.
Recalibrating your power when money is involved.
Returning power to your Body the Master Manifestor.
Activating your Body Deva’s Manifestation skills.
How to value and appreciate your own Soul Gifts.
Be in greater acceptance of your spiritual evolution.
The Angelic Choir coming in to use their sound to help clean and clear the Crown, Throat and Heart chakras.

What’s Included:

  • 1 50 minute Mp3
  • 1 50 minute Mp4
  • 1 Bada$$ Money Shift Workbook