This session will take 3 hours to process and 1 week to integrate.

It also has 40 layers which means you can listen to it up to 40 times for deeper shift!


This can present as a challenge to some as you try to get your bodies to adjust to more light. It can also bring up a lot of Fear, Resistance and Anxiety both Physically and Mentally. It’s a mass shedding of lower vibrations and an infusion of higher ones – This 50 Minute Session was brought in last year by the IAN’s – a Collective Consciousness devoted to the evolution of humanity and… It contains all the processes needed to help you gracefully and effective move into these new energies with more grace and joy.




This connects our energetic system to the universal grid system and the planetary grid system. This helps us clear out old programs that we’ve only had access to here on earth and allows you to gather information from the Universe with greater ease. (valued at $300)



Clearing past issues related to:
  • How you are creating How you are living
  • How you believe Duality & Polarity
  • Accessing your inner power
  • Recalling power back from others
  • Activating greater empowerment
  • Firing entities you’ve hired to help you spiritually evolve and grow.
  • Move into greater responsibility for your own power.
  • Create Protection from a place of empowerment
  • Recalibrate and update your protection mechanisms
  • Downloads to help you move into that empowered protective stance.
  • 🦄Unicorn energy and downloads.
  • Clearing mental body of thoughts of:
  • Not being happy
  • Not having the money you want
  • Not having the career you want
  • Not having the clients you want
  • Releasing all trauma around these beliefs
  • Releasing blocks from the crown chakra that keep you disconnected and in discord.
  • Full Perception Re-Set.
  • Clearing, Healing & Re-calibration for Abundance
  • Releasing other people’s abundance grids that don’t serve you.
  • Re-weaving your Abundance Grids for support & freedom
Divine Human Blue Print – Recalibrating your energetic system to hold more light and greater alignment with source.
Activation for Awareness from the Lyrians.
Activating the crystalline structures of your system.

Session Includes:

  • Audio Mp3 Download
  • Video Mp4 Download
  • Bada$$ Session Workbook


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