Energetic Activations To Help your body…

Balance & Align

Your Body Is Your…

Vehicle Through Life.

The Physical Human form takes lots of hits and bangs both Physically and Energetically from anything like Astrological Energy, Negative thoughts you project onto it or even from External sources like your Environment and other people. 

That’s why we created A Bundle Of Body activations. To help and assist your body to awakening to its own consciousness and remembering that it has the POWER to heal itself.

Each Energetic Activation focuses on supporting the physical body’s – Etheric and Energy Systems. 

It accesses the Body’s Higher Consciousness and offers it the space for it to heal and balance itself.

The length of each activation varies- as the body’s own Innate wisdom and mastery will initiate the appropriate intervention it needs –  in order to complete the requests. 

A Must Have Bundle For…

Your Body

Included in your Bundle Are The Following Activations…


Balance Your Triple Heater System

Reverse Your Polarity

Recalibrate Your Assemblage Points

Migraine Healing

Headache Healing

Fire Illnesses You’ve Contracted With

The Daily Energetic Update

Chiropractic Adjustment

Adrenal Support 

Activate The Body’s Clock

Etheric Acupuncture Session 


What They Say

10 Activations To Help The Body…

Balance & Align