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Balance Your Shift


Creating More Balance ~

Balance~ Is The Key To Life…

Balance is having your Mental (thinking) energy and your Emotional (feeling ) energy equally distributed so that neither one has control over the other. This way, you’re not THINKING too much – to the point where it’s giving you Anxiety and you’re not FEELING too much – to where it derails you into a pool of Helpless tears.

When I look at the energy of this – I see lots of energy outside of the energetic body. It’s all over the place. Like someone trying to solve a zillion issues all at the same time.

The energy tries to even this out within itself but it’s almost as if it’s so spread out that it can’t bring itself back to balance.

When this happens the Soul can lose sight of where it is in this energetic terrain and that can result in feelings of being, lost, stuck, frustrated and confused.

You try your grounding rituals, salt baths, oils etc… and although you help you have this nagging feeling that the real issue behind is still lingering around you.

You can become forgetful. Like walking into the kitchen for something only to stand there and be like “Hmm…. what did I come in here for again?”

Now, with all the astrological energies afoot balance is going to be REALLY IMPORTANT to maintain.

If you’re energetically sensitive, we would invite you to make this and a part of your own Self-Care Ritual.

This is a MUST have…

For Balancing Your Shift!


The Activations 

  • Clean & Re-calibrate Grounding Cords To Earth’s NEW Magnetic Frequency

  • Soul Bridging Mind and Body Healing (50 Minute Remote Session)

  • Clear, Process & Integrate Shift (50 Minute Remote Session)

  • Move Your Soul, Body and Team To A Higher Vibration

  • Chakra Clearing and Grounding Process

  • Retrieve Power and Increase Safety

  • Grounding Balance & Integration

  • Mental and Emotional Balancing

  • Move The Shift Up High

  • Contrasting Depression

  • *BONUS: Grounding Activation

  • *BONUS 2: Head Energy – Headaches


Over 10+ Activations


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