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IAN’S & Activate

Who Are The…


The IAN’S are…

Aa collective Consciousness made of Enlightened Beings who are dedicated to the spiritual growth and evolution of humanity on Earth.

We call them the IAN’S because all of their names end in IANS – such as the Lemurians, Lyrians, Syrians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedians etc…

Tthese activations were brought in LIVE on the call and there was SO MUCH we couldn’t keep track. These are some of the pieces the group and I put together:


Processes Covered…


Opening your channels to money
Opening the channels to flow and alignment
Opening to receive from your Source
Being in Alignment with your Inner Being

Some of the processes: (in no particular order)

Recalibration of your body’s manifestation grids
Realignment for body to Earth’s manifestation abilities
Recalibration of your grounding grids for manifestation
Heart chakra & third eye clearing, update and connection
Wolf energy and transmission
Gaia reminding the body she is an extension of earth
Healing the Body and Soul Divine Communication line.
New protection and safety grids.

Plus More… we just can’t remember them all as our state of consciousness was altered to facilitate them live.

This Activation also includes a Message from Ascended Master – Lady Nada which we will share with you here:

“You are here at a time of great change on your planet –these current frequencies will help you move forward with greater grace. It has been our pleasure to serve you in this way ~ Lady Nada”


What They Say After These Kinds Of Activations

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The IAN’S? 

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