It’s Time To Get Clear OF Your…

Ancestral Money Issues


Processes Covered…

  • A recalibration of ALL YOUR  Ancestral grids
  • Pulled/Cleared old vows and contracts relating to being responsible for healing the ancestral line.
  • Cleared Ancestral belief patterns that you’re running NOW.
  • DNA re-calibrations
  • Releasing Ancestral money grids!
  • Re-patterning those money grids back to your Soul.
  • Releasing Ancestral money beliefs that you’re holding that keep you poor.
  • Clearing responsibility for the Soul evolution of the Ancestors.

Geez – there was SO much inside this call that we can’t remember all of the process.

..but Yes…

There is MORE.


What They Say After These Kinds Of Activations

Ready To Shift your…

Ancestral Money?  

Session Includes:

  • Audio Mp3 Download
  • Video Mp4 Download
  • 1 Photo Energetically Activated Crystal Healing Grid