*Special Pricing*

This call was a part of our 2016 Soul Bridging Series. Since it was all about money we added it here because it includes a ton of healing shift for the Ancestral grids around money consciounsess.


  • A recalibration of ALL YOUR  Ancestral grids
  • Pulled/Cleared old vows and contracts relating to being responsible for healing the ancestral line.
  • Cleared Ancestral belief patterns that you’re running NOW.
  • DNA recalibrations
  • Releasing Ancestral money grids!
  • Repatterning those money grids back to your Soul.
  • Releasing Ancestral money beliefs that you’re holding that keep you poor.
  • Clearing responsibility for the Soul evolution of the Ancestors.

Geez – there was SO much I can’t even remember the rest but there’s even MORE!


1 Photo Energetically Activated Crystal Healing Grid
1 Mp3 file
2 Mp4 files!