Bringing The Stars To You!


The Star Gate Series was a Divine Download, that came to Elizabeth in 2016, when the Galactic Beings of Love and Light, Known as “The Councils Of Light” showed up during meditation. Each being came as a representative of their realm and had information they wished to share.

These Beings Were Known As The: Lemurians, Lyrians, Syrians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Ascended Masters Mother Mary, Lady Nada & Master Jesus.


Each one had a specific energetic activation they wanted to share with those who were ready to move into greater alignment!



A Healing Activation is a transmission of Energetic Processes that dismantle old ways of being, releases outdated belief systems, unravels old patterns of behavior, blocked energy and our Specialized Series brings in healing… So you can move forward!

This Series will raise your vibration, release old trauma, clear out your Akashic Records, Re-pattern Your Energy Grids, and give you a sense of greater FREEDOM, PEACE & JOY!

They will help you MOVE FORWARD on your path – So you can soar into your next level of Soul Game Play!


Energy Activations runs approximately 1 HOUR LONG and can cover a multitude of issues…Even some that are not on the list below.

They include but are not limited to:

Healing Trauma, Energetic Blocks, DNA Activations & Re-coding, Self-Worth,Divine Timing, Soul Alignment, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Pineal Gland Activations, Third Eye Activations, Heal Past Lives, Activate Your Psychic Abilities, Self-Esteem Boosts, Self-Love Boosts, And More (please refer to the list below.)

The List Of Healing Activations & Their Galactic Partners



This will activate dormant codes in your energy. Once they are awakened and activated you will experience a sense of greater connection to your spiritual brothers and sisters who have come forth to be of service and assistance to the planet during this time of transformation.

These codes will increase your levels of intention and psychic abilities. It will open the channels to direct communication with your source and will help you access your spiritual knowing and guidance. This is for those who would like a boost in their psychic abilities, or who may feel lost and alone on the planet and suffer from depression or suicidal ideation. Clears blocks to moving forward, healing from Master Jesus, Removal of blocking energies, re-patterning of all pieces.


These codes are specific to spiritual growth and evolution. Each activation will clear lower vibrational energy and replace it with healing downloads. This will show you how to clear the energy, heal it and put it into an activated state so you can grow at an exponential rate without having to go through the transition of waiting hundreds of years to see the results of your work. 

This accelerated process will assist you at a rapid rate by accelerating your lessons so you can move through them with more haste. It willaccelerate healing, transformation for the body, soul, and team so you can move forward without feeling stuck in your current state of being. Some frequencies included are Love, compassion, freedom, and release of pain and suffering.


This activation is a time portal that allows you to safely travel anywhere in the universe to receive schooling, training, education or healing. It has the ability to send you a teacher or a guide so that you are always home in the universe no matter where you have travelled off to. 

This is good for those who feel captive on the planet, feel stuck, stagnant or want to create great transformation in one’s career, life or purpose. This will allow you to get the information you need in order to help you create the change you’re asking for. It helps remove doubt, lack of confidence and enhances your genetic codes and revitalizes the human form. It can give you a burst of motivation and energy and encourages you to move ahead with your plans, which are aligned with your soul’s purpose.


This activation is for the Soul. It will help you transcend the Earthly realms of personal identity with your ego and move you into grater states of alignment with your Source/Soul. The benefits of this are multifold. First it will increase your Vibration so that you attract higher frequencies into your experience. 

It will help you create greater alignment in your Energy Fields, assist you with maintaining greater balance and be less affected by lower vibrations such as guilt, fear and shame. It will remove these energies fro the cellular level and pull them from the energetic fabric of your Soul and replace it with feelings and codes of unity, love, oneness and Divine Clarity of yourself as a Soul Essence.


This Ancient activation will serve to help those overcome certain mental and emotional obstacles that threaten to take the over. It is for those who have a tendency to over think and over feel. This overload, of mental and emotional energy can not only affect the mind, but can create discord in the body leaving you to deal with increase in Body dis-ease.

This activation will show you how to clearly identify energies that are not yours and show you how to clear the off your body so you are not using them to create discord. This will help increase your general health and well-being.


This activation is a special one as it was channeled directly on THE CALL during the LIVE Star Gate Series. Mother Mary and Lady Nada infused the call with frequencies of LOVE and did work on the healing the Divine Feminine Energy within. 

They re-calibrated the Feminine energy of community, worked on areas creativity in the Sacral and Root chakras and brought in more. (Honestly, we can’t recall all the pieces because it was a direct channel and ONLY recorded live via the video) Needless to say, it was quite


What’s Included:

5 – 1 Hour Healing Sessions in Mp3 & MP4Format

3 Energetically Activated Healing Grids To Correspond With The Course

Total of 5 Hours Of Healing Work!


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