It’s Time To Unlock Your Mind & Energy!

Are Your Ready To Step Into The Version Of YOU Who’s Already A Vibrational Match To Your Desires?


Finally! You get to move out of your Money Misalignments that are preventing you from Manifesting your desired Life and Business results.

I know, it can sometimes be frustrating when you’re trying all the Manifestation things and none of those things are showing up!

You’ve done the work, healed some Shift, but there still might be some stuff lingering around that prevents you from stepping into the of CREATION.

You are ready!

Inside this Voxer Container we will be unloading a new lesson everyday that will shift you into creation mode and help keep your momentum rolling! 

It’s a new frequency, a new challenge… we know – but the rewards…

The rewards are whatever you can hold in your field!   

Daily Shift

Activated Lessons Everyday M-F.

Each lesson will contain conversations on the Energetics Of Money, Activations & Healing.



Each Lesson Contains Activations, Meditation Or Homework to help you clear your path towards becoming the energetic match to your desires!


There will be both a Voxer Chat & FB Group to support you along the way. Here Elizabeth Can offer support & new insights!


Are You In?

The Journey Begins In April 8th!

*We reserve the right to raise pricing at anytime.*