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How To Choose The Right Program For You...


We know it can be hard deciding between what programs would meet your intentions at this time. That’s why we’ve devised this short and simple energetic exercise to help you out. šŸ™‚

1. Take a moment to peruse our offers and make a note of which ones stand out.

2. Open one of the pages and close your eyes.

3. ASK: Is this program that will serve me best right now?

4. Expanded sensations or Lighter energy = YES!

Constricted sensations or Heavy energy = No!

5. Once you get your answer – Don’t let self-doubt seep in – purchase the course – and start shifting!Ā 


Signature Group ProgramsĀ 

Money Goddess

The 6 Week Deep Dive Training Into The Psyche Of You & Your Money.

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Mystic Money Shift

6 Week Money Mindset & Healing Program For Accelerated Manifestation.

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Money Magic

6 Weeks Of Tools & Training For Your Money Mindset Frequency.

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Transformational Courses & Trainings TO do Right NOW!

Body Con

1 Month Training Course

Understand Your Spiritual Journey Through The Consciousness Of Your Body.

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Worthy Goddess

Bolster Your Foundational Vibrations Of Worth Around Self and Money.

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Inner Goddess

3 Part Empowerment Series To Align More Fully With Your Inner Goddess!

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Money Hunny

The MUST HAVE Training For Your Money & Mindset

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The Worthy Hunny Goddess BUNDLE!



At A Discount!

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TheĀ  Summer Blowout!

Powerful Energy Healing & Training Programs!Ā 

~ Under $150! ~

Rich & Sassy

Belief Clearing For The Spiritual Entrepreneur! Ā Step Fully Into Your Greatest Potential

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Aligned Abundance

Clearing | Healing | Training Of Past Money Limitations.

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I'm Awake

Energetic Management Tools For The New Paradigm Of Awakened Souls!

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Conscious Connection

6 Week Course.

The Conscious Connection To Your And Your Source, Body & Mind!

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Activate Awareness

The Total 6 Week Course|Training & Healing Program!

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5 Week Course

Surrender Trust Alignment Technique! Tame The Mind & Elevate Your Energy!

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Activate Your Shift!

Intuition Clearings & MP3’s To Help Manage External Energy!

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Unleash Your Creative Gifts

Unleash Your Creative Gifts & Create A Thriving Business!

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