Unleashing Your Creative Gifts

Hello, Creative Soul…


We’d like to extend a SPECIAL INVITATION to our “Unleash Your Creative Gifts & Create A Thriving Business Discussion” & Mini-Healing Session!”

Inside This 35 Minute Video…

You will learn about some of the challenges Creative Souls face, when they decide to put themselves and their work, out into the public eye.

Some Of The Things Creatives Bump Up Against Are:


The Mental Challenges you face about your own work.

The Mindset Blocks that get in the way of your success.

Energetic Components like Karma, and Past Life issues.

Low Confidence & Self-Esteem around sharing your gifts.

The imposter syndrome and vibrations of Lack and Fear.

…and the mindset beliefs like  “No one is going to pay me what I want.”


What You’ll Experience…

An in-depth conversation about the Creative Soul and what holds you back.

A Mini-Energetic Clearing & Healing Session That covers:

Mindset Beliefs that hold you back around:

  • Confidence
  • Worth
  • Value
  • Money
  • Karma
  • Energy Blocks
  • Healing Past Life Trauma
  • Communication and Power

Beliefs & Healing Covered & Cleared In This Discussion


  • I can’t make money off of my creative work.
  • My products or creations aren’t Worth what I want to ask for them.
  • Who’s going to pay me for my work?
  • Healing around being Successful.
  • Replacing these with new downloads like:
    • I know what it feels like to be successful
    • I know how to receive money for my gifts and services.
  • Past Life Healing that is currently activated that’s playing in the NOW around your creative work.
  • Healing the Starving Artist Paradigm.
  • Activating the energy of Thriving Instead of Surviving.
  • Additional Downloads:
    • I know what it feels like to be a rich entrepreneur who gets paid more than what I’m asking for in my work.
    • I know how to Value my work and choose to be compensated for it greatly.
    • I know my Value and my Worth and convey that confidently to others.

What Others Have Experienced:

 At the end of the video there is a Clearing and Healing Session to help you experience the shifts that might be affecting your creativity around really stepping into your power as a creative.

That’s why we’ve incorporated and powerful session to help you ‘feel’ the energy for yourself and CLEAR it as you watch!