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Activate Your Shift

The Activate Your Shift Ebook

What If You Could Create A Shift Just By Reading A Book?


Well You Can…

The ACTIVATE YOUR SHIFT EBOOK is a working book…

That will help you get Clear & Shift Conscious or Unconscious energy around your Source Connection.

This means that it will help you UNLOCK your inner beliefs that have you believing that you are some how disconnected from your Source.

It covers the following vibrations:
  • Dis-connection
  • Victim Consciousness
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Perception 

The Activated processes contained within are the equivalent to a 45 Min. Energy Session.

The book is activated! All you have to do is read it with the intentions of Shifting and your Energy and IT WILL HAPPEN!

How easy is that?

This E-book is a quick read that can reviewed multiple times in order to create even deeper ‘Shift.”

All the instructions are right inside the book! There’s nothing to do or prepare for – just download it and start reading. 

This Ebook will help you SHIFT your perceptions of your essence and help you clear away any obstacles you’ve placed in the way of connecting with that source.

*Contains over 14 Energetic Processes!

“This Book Will Change Your Life…”

Read Elizabeth’s Ebook!

Prepare to be amazed!!!!!!  Here I am on an ordinary day in my cubicle, reading this book, and having cellular changes in my body, (not theory) body shaking, profound reactions of letting life times of stuff go, it is amazing to me that I can read a book and have such life changing experiences, it makes me see that healing can be anywhere, anytime, anyplace-just be open-and having a great teacher that shares her gifts, priceless… (what happens in the cubicle, stays in the cubicle, unless you post, hee, hee) GOING TO READ THE E BOOK -AGAIN….THAT’S HOW GREAT IT IS-HAPPY SHIFTING!” THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!


Bundle Includes:

Activations For:

  1. Clearing Your Space.
  2. Holding Greater Energetic Boundaries.
  3. Clearing Your Energy Fields.
  4. Activate Greater Empowerment.
  5. Fire Entities and Increase your Power.
  6. Turn Down The Sound Of The Masses.
  7. Release Empathic Sensitivity
  8. Energetic Attachment & Responsibilities.
  9. Retrieve Power and Increase Safety
  10. Move The Energy of You, Your Body & Team into a Higher Vibration.

*Best when Bundled with our I’M AWAKE WORKSHOP and when LARGE PLANETARY SHIFTS occur that can leave you out of balance.*

Plus…  Mange External Energies

Energetic Managemet

10 Powerful Energetically Packed Mp3’s For The Energetically Sensitive!

Other Energies can really wear you down and increase your levels of Empathic Sensitivity.

Many sensitive’s find that they’re exposed to intense vibrations that can be a challenge to manage.

Feeling other people’s energy, their thoughts and feelings can weigh heavily on the Energetically Sensitive and can create feelings of not being grounded, balanced and often contribute to mood swings that you feel you have no control over.

These feelings can lead to things like fatigue, irritation, frustration, upset, anger, sadness or depression.


After listening to the meditations I feel so much more energized!

Even if I didn’t get that much sleep the night before, I still have energy to get me through the day. I don’t have to drink coffee or tea!

When I don’t listen to the meditations I notice I am more sluggish and things tend to get to me easier. I am so happy I can use these meditations everyday!”

Shanna Milkenkowsk – Crystal Energy Healer

Ready To Activate Your Shift?