Belief Shifts For The Spiritual Entrepreneur Who Is…

Rich & Sassy

Freedom From Limitation

Are You Looking For Freedom From Limiting Beliefs?

 How about a Fresh Perspective that is Uniquely your own?

Want to make your practice a Self-limiting FREE zone? 

Tired of hearing the same old belief systems that don’t resonate in your Coaching Or Healing Communities?   

You Know, The One’s That Say:


  • You can’t be a coach if you don’t have a coach.
  • They’ll kick me out of the club if I’m not like them.
  • You have to invest in yourself in order to make money.
  • People won’t take me seriously as a coach if I think differently.
  • My business is only a hobby and I’m not really helping anyone.
  • I’m too young or too old to be an independent business woman.
  • I’m afraid that If I don’t align with everyone else – no one will like me.

Plus, whatever other nonsense is rolling around in your brain that says you HAVE to do it this way!


If So…

Then these Sessions are for you!  

Clear The Disfunction

Get 90 Minutes of Energetic Belief Clearing in this

3- Part Series

You will get FULL access to the Online Digital Training program and can come back and repeat it over and over again.

This is highly encouraged since the Energy Processes will create even MORE shift with multiple use. 

Not only will you get training on Money & Alignment – but you will also get the equivalent of a 60 minute Energetic Healing! 

Become Independently Aligned

The Coaching Industry has a Consciousness grid that doesn’t align with a lot of Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

As such, this can create conflict in your energy if you’re a Coach. 

In this section we will go through 30 Minutes of full on Coaching Belief Clearings in order to get you more Independently Aligned and feel FULLY confident in your own Essence.

This section will help you dissolve all the lower Vibrational Framework you hooked yourself into in the Coaching & Healing Industries like the following beliefs:


  • You have to invest in yourself in order to make money.
  • You can’t be successful unless you hire a coach.
  • My coach has all the answers I need.
  • My inner knowing can’t be right.
  • Someone else’s inner knowing knows more.
  • Plus more!

Plus, A 30 Minute Bonus Session!

This additional 30 minute healing session includes processes on the following:

  • Solar Plexus Clearing
  • Power Release of Past Life Trauma around persecution
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Heal the Kill Point
  • Clearing Anger and Resentment from the Heart and Liver
  • Healing For the Liver and Heart Contract Releases Release of Negative Karma  Trauma Healing for Body and Soul Connection Body and Soul Communication

Heal Your Confidence  

There is a lot of competitiveness on Social Media to be the Expert in your field and lots of really good marketers! 

This can leave you judging yourself as “Less than or Not Good Enough” which can Derail your Confidence in no time.

In this section we will bring in a 30 minute Energetic Healing Session to Boost your confidence!

Elizabeth will hold the space for the session and facilitate in this pre-recorded video

Get Manifestation Short Cuts

In this video we will reveal our vibrational short cut to manifesting – that is ALIGNED and EMPOWERED – so you can draw in your ideal clients.

This Quick & Dirty – Manifestation Meditation will help you connect with your Inner Being as means to Amplify your desires & leaves you feeling great!


Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Read What Other people have experienced!

“Feeling Wonderfully Mindblown!”


“Whoa, that was huge, thank you!”


“This has been a magical opportunity!”


“Okay, that Social Media Belief Hit Hard, Hahaha”


“I See That have been taking my gifts for granted.”