Next Level You

Transcend Old Timelines & Catapult 

Yourself Into Your Next Level.


Hello You!

Are You Ready To Step Into More Of Your Soul Alignment, Money & Power?

What does that mean? 

Well, I’m so glad you asked.

You see, after working in the areas of Alignment, Mindset, Energy & Money for over 20+ years – we have come to the conclusion that there are 7 MASSIVE AREAS you need to master in order to create an Aligned Life that you Love.

These areas are not only crucial to your health and well-being -but also to any area of your life that you want to take to the next level! 

Hence the Title – NEXT LEVEL YOU!

Together we will walk you through these 7 Areas of Mastery you need to nail down to get you there.




Who Are You?

Knowing your personal power and understanding where you’re giving it away is a CRUCIAL.

Without Personal Power you will always experience challenges and rough mental mindsets along the way.

In this module, you will MEET your Next Level You and step into your Next Level Energy. You will never be the same after this. 

Radical Responsibility

Take a DEEP DIVE into your very psyche as we discuss how your energy and your mindset can support or sabotage your life and business. 

Learn new ways to Clear Mindset Blocks and Heal Old Wounds and Trauma that keep circling in your energy and stop you from creating and life, body, health, and business you desire.

Transcending Limitations

Are co-creating with that Inner Being or are you Waiting on the sidelines for it to prompt you?

Do your Limitations hold you back and you just don’t know how to shift them? 

In this module you’ll learn how to increase your levels of CONNECTION to your Next Level and learn how to TRUST and Allow in everything you desire. 

Activate Soul Flow 

Do you actually KNOW and Expect that the things you desire are here for you? 

Are you living your life from a place of 100% Soul Flow and know that everything is happening at your command? 

Plus, learn how to ACCEPT the things you can not change and change the things you can in this module.

Release Resistance & Quantum Leap

Are you DELIBERATELY manifesting your desires into your experience?

Or are you ACCIDENTALLY manifesting and just super glad that things worked out?

The KEY to manifestation is Soul Aligned Clarity & Clear Thinking. 

Choosing You & Visibility

How many times have you put your desires on the back burner for someone else?  

Have you ever wondered why you do that?

Discover if Trauma and old Wounding is at play here in this module.

Plus, discover the REAL REASONS as to why you’re not as visible as you would like. Then shift them so you can be seen by your ideal Soul Client!  

Sourcing From Within

Do you see things happening in your outer world that you’d rather not have happen?

Do you know how to change any of that?

This Module will walk you through the steps of using your Outer world as KEYS to Growth for more Inner Alignment and help you Realign!


Take a Moment to allow all of the above to really sink in.

Can you Sense, Feel, Or Perceive this Next Level Of You coming In? 

Can You Imagine It?

Feel It?

Tune In With Me & See If This Program Is For You.

  • Do You Know That You Have Amazing Work You Feel Called To Get Into The World? 

  • Do You Feel A CALL – I mean a DEEP CALLING – to do the work you do?

  • Do You Know that you were meant to have an amazing life full of Freedom, Joy and Connection?

  • Do You Have an Inner Knowing that your SKILLS are on POINT – EXCEPT for your Mindset and Energy?

  • Do You Feel as if you’re constantly hitting the same wall over and over in the area of Money & Clients?

  • Are You Afraid to step into your POWER for fear of being called an Imposter, Fraud or Wrong? 

  • Have you hit that STUCK point where you’ve done everything you know how to do but can’t get traction?

  • Do you have START and STOP points and can’t seem to get anything done or reach your GOALS?  

I Can Tell You This…

All of the above are self-imposed fears that were designed to keep you safe but all they’re doing is keeping you SMALL.

These FALSE FEARS are getting in your way of becoming your NEXT LEVEL YOU.

I know you’ve tried EVERYTHING and can’t find the solution that will help you move forward. 

You’ve tried Other Courses, Programs, Coaching… You make a little shift and then suddenly everything gets locked up and you end up starting all over again.

You actually KNOW what to do but you don’t believe or TRUST yourself to be as Successful as you know you can.

There Is Nothing Wrong With You!


I can tell you from my 20+ years in helping people ALIGN and SHIFT with their Inner Beings that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Yes, we all have challenges and difficult experiences but all of these DO NOT get to come with you on your journey.

There comes a time when you DROP the STRUGGLE, HEAL the TRAUMA and step into your NEXT LEVEL.

That time is NOW.

I have been doing Alignment & Manifestation Work for Years.

I know what your struggles are and how your Mindset and Energy play a BIG part in where you are right now and I know how to GUIDE you out.

I have worked with 6 Figure Business Women and have helped them get totally ALIGNED with their Business, Passions, and Purpose – but most of all – getting ALIGNED with their OWN INNER BEING.

I can show you how to DISSOLVE Energetic Blocks that are in your way and help you CHANGE the way you see yourself and your abilities.

I know how to create a thriving business that supports you and your family because I did it.

I went from having $300 in the bank to building a Successful Online Practice where I’m making more money than I’ve ever made as a Professional Social Worker.


I Really Want you to be able to see it for yourself!

Everything you desire is out there waiting for you to allow it in. There is always more. More Clients, More Money, More Jobs, More work, More…More… More…

I can show you how to OPEN yourself to RECEIVE it, Get ALIGNED with it and ALLOW it in.

During these 6 weeks we are going to EXPLORE all the things that you’re holding yourself back from, shift those PERCEPTIONS and REPLACE them with a new Perspective. 

A NEW SLATE… if you will. 

A New Space to explore more of your creativity that allows that flow to flood in, create joy and MASSIVELY impact those you were meant to serve.



Elizabeth’s Next Level You program was extremely groundbreaking and supportive for me.

Each session she had me consciously bring to my awareness any blocks or healing that needed to be done so that I was able to embody and embrace the highest version of myself with greater ease.

Her energetic container is like no other I’ve really ever felt or been in before. It has really provided me with the jet pack I have been wanting in my journey.

Definitely felt that soul connection I look for in a mentor, teacher and coach when working so personally with someone. I love seeing the results manifest right before my eyes in real time.

Christina C

“I’m Kind Of Sad That Next Level You Is Over! 

The container has been powerful and really helped me solidify what I’ve been working through in my private coaching sessions.

Working with a group was so impactful because it helped me realize that I’m not “stuck”, I just needed different information.

I love that you gave us so many tangible tools to ditch victimhood and get back in true alignment with ourselves.

Thanks again for the amazing container and I look forward to speaking with you tonight ❤

Warm regards,

Liz, S. 


  • 7  90 Minute Course Training Modules filled with Next Level Frequencies.
  • Over 90 Pages Of Introspective Homework and Journaling Prompts for integration.
  • Daily AVAILABILITY For Questions In Our Private Online Community Facebook Group.
  • Private ONLINE classroom where you can access ALL OF YOUR Materials & Videos!
  • Access to ALL the Bonus Work and Materials, PDF’s and Downloads!
  • Our Sacred Energetic Container (this happens automatically just by working with the material.)
  • A Shift In Energy, Consciousness and Frequency as you step into you NEXT LEVEL YOU Being


Being In Our Container Is Like MAGIC!

For those of you who are Energetically Inclined our Container consists of MANY BENEFITS BEYOND the 3D World. 

It’s a place where the Energy and Content of the Material Is Stored, Taught and Integrated up High at an Energetic Level. 

This type of container NOT only allows or greater integration of the material being present but allows for SELF-HEALING, ALIGNMENT and MAJOR SHIFTS in your Energy and Mindset…

Literally Like MAGIC! 

Soul Downloads and Divine Transmissions will help you find your back on track and lead you toward your goals.

You will feel the shifts and the CLICKS as the information integrates and suddenly things will make sense, you’ll feel called to take action, and feel much more aligned with your path. 

If that’s not a BONUS in it and of itself then we also have these you can play with.


When It Comes To A Bonus – We DO NOT Mess Around!

No, Little add on’s, Checklist, or Worksheets here!

When we throw in a BONUS we mean a FULL ON BONUS and the 5D Money Makeover is probably one of the BEST Bonuses we’ve ever added to ANY of our Programs!

Fall in LOVE with the 5D Money Makeover!

Literally, if you like as you HEAL your Money Stories!

Or Fall Deeper in Love with Yourself in this 4 Hour Training that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need in order to make over your Money Beliefs.

All The SHIFT you need is inside! 

(Valued At $777!!)



One Full Payment



6 Monthly Payments



12 Monthly Payments



If you made it down the page this far then there’s something that your Soul is deeply resonating with here. All we ask is that you take a moment to really tune in and see how that feels.

Your internal guidance system will never you let you down.

It knows EXACTLY What you need and when you need it.

We do not take shift lightly.

We are 1000% focused on helping you reach your goals and create the type of life you want to live by helping you get out of your own way.

Tune In Right Now.


 Take a deep breath in… and remember…

 Things that feel LIGHT and expansive are in alignment with your purpose and path.

 Things that feel HEAVY and constricted are not in alignment for you at the moment.

 Feel into whether it’s the right time for you to work with us now and if it is… SIGN UP!