Learn New High Vibe Tools To Create Money Magic!



ONCE AGAIN, we have teamed up with the Consciousness of Abraham to bring you our 5 week co-creative series called MONEY MAGIC! ✨

Together, Abraham and I devised an Intense but EASY TO FOLLOW program to help you create greater alignment with your Inner Being – so you can start getting your energy into the ‘Vortex ?️ of your Money Magic Zone!





✔️ Riding the emotional roller coaster when it comes to money manifestation?

✔️ Believe there is something blocking your abundance channels and you can’t get unstuck?

✔️ Understand the law of attraction but find it a challenge to employ all this “positive thinking” stuff due to heavy thoughts?

✔️ Want to use the law of attraction principles in your life but you have no idea how to start?

✔️ Want something more than just instruction to help you move your energy into money alignment?

✔️ Want simple, easy, exercises to help you move your thoughts out of the negative zones?

✔️Looking for tools that will work in less than 15 minutes!

Learn The Tools You Need!



Leave your victim stories at the door.

Align your vibration with your Inner Being.

Release the energetic blocks that keep you stuck.

Release resistance toward the things you’re asking for.

Drop the Drama Mantras around money and allow for flow.

Take control of your Money Shift instead of allowing it to take control of you! 

I Love how supported I feel by you through this.


I am discovering how much programming about not deserving to be rewarded is showing up from hidden depths.

During this course I manifested 2 payments last week. 4 show tickets, an opportunity to present in a new place, & a weekend in the country.

Life is flowing beautifully… Appreciating you Elizabeth Pfeiffer and the work you do.


Jen Duchene

Illuminate 8

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Pfeiffer ~ Vibrational Attraction & Energy Coach


I’ve been doing Alignment work for over 10 years and hold over 20 metaphysical certificates.

Prior to that, I worked as a Licensed Social Worker and worked with lots of people suffering from various sets of issues… but  I don’t practice as a Social Worker anymore.

I’ve come to find that our combination of ABOVE WORK (Soul Energy Work) and BELOW WORK (Belief Work) are able to get my client’s back into Alignment in LESS TIME than traditional therapeutic interventions and with GREATER RESULTS!

I created all our  programs to help you accelerate the process of identifying and shifting limiting thoughts that hold you back from creating the type of life you want to live!

I use my ‘Mad Energy Healing Skills’ to help you create profound personal shifts at an accelerated rate & release Energetic blocks – so you can go from blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose as you Shift Into Higher Consciousness!

Now, I wish to share these advanced processes with you, and save you years of frustration, discomfort and uncertainty by showing you how to use these same techniques to create a life that’s full of Energetic Freedom, Joy and Love!

Abraham & I Will Be Your Guides

Allow Me To Share My Quick Story With You…


Let’s Start With Abraham.


Abraham is a Collective Consciousness of Soul’s who are widely known to channel through Esther Hicks. They are MASTER TEACHERS of The Laws Of Attraction, & Alignment.

I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on Healers, Coaches because I wanted to amp up my own Alignment and Manifestation practice – so I could serve more people.


During this process I learned 2 things.


  You can’t just CLEAR everything without knowing how to counteract and handle challenging thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


  Basic Alignment Techniques are CRUCIAL to greater Love, Health, Money and Well-Being.

I didn’t have these techniques when I sat down and with my Intuition and said “I’m NOT investing in anymore coaching. That’s it!  I want you to send me a MASTER TEACHER.”

Three Months later in meditation – I heard:

“Would You Like Assistance With Your Alignment Practice?”


That’s when Abraham showed up…


I received a download from Abraham for my very first Group Alignment Teaching Program MYSTIC MONEY SHIFT – This program was so HIGH VIBE that it SOLD OUT in 2 weeks! In 2017, we launched our BADA$$ Money Shift Session and it SOLD OUT in 48 hours!

Now, I’m sharing these keys to Alignment, Vibrational Flow & Perception Re-direction; so you can have them too!



During your 5 weeks with us you will put the principles of vibrational alignment into your daily action goals!

You’ll begin with a total vibrational upgrade.

A  recalibration of your money templates, blueprints, and grids.

Law of attraction exercises to help you open to the flow of receiving.

Be exposed to a  higher frequency of money manifestation.

Get quick and easy tools to keep yourself aligned even when you’re not feeling it.

It Doesn’t Take Months To Create A New Vibrational Reality.

Just Some Tools, Perspective & Practice.

Let’s Break Down Your 5 Weeks…

Video Trainings For Each Day To Help You Manage Your Mindset

5 – 20 Minute Video Trainings That Contains Training & Exercises To Keep Your Mindset In Check. Plus a couple of supplemental videos to explain the concepts even deeper.


1 Hour Bada$$ Money Magic Healing Session

This powerfully packed session covers a multitude of energetic blocks and healing.

Comes in Mp3 & Mp4 format

4 Co-created Money Activations With Abraham

  • Be Your Own ATM Mp3
  • Abundant WellBeing Mp3
  • Amplify Your Money Magic  Mp3
  • Abundant Self Worth & Value Mp3

Your Money Magic Workbook | Journal

Keep track of your mindset and your money in your specifically calibrated journal!



Week one begins with an overview of the foundations Of vibrational Alignment, Manifestation, Allowing and Receiving and how to open up your channels of Flow! You will also receive specific homework In order to keep the flow open.



This week your mind boogie monsters will probably show up here and want to self sabotage you around this time.Here we’ll explore how to door bust your thoughts with ways in which you can expand your vibration and feelings instead of aligning with your limitations. You’ll also get specific homework in order to practice this on your own.


This week contains a sampling of several topics around False Beliefs, How to perceive people who have a different mindset than you & what are energetic components related to being jealous of others.


Keep you flow on go! By this time you will have Already started to experience manifestations… so we’ll take some time to explore your energetic frequency and tweak it, so that it works for you instead of settling for what shows up.


Learn how to amplify your manifestations by increasing your alignment and send your desires into the higher realms. From there you will pull them down to the NOW in and accelerate your desires. Guided visualization and meditations will help you visualize all of your desires as if they were happening right now.

SPECIAL BADA$$ BONUS DAY - Heart, Past Lives, Forgiveness & Power

Your special bonus contains a 50 minute energetically activated healing session covering money blocks and beliefs that are locked up in the Heart, Past Lives, and pieces around Forgiveness & Power.

I absolutely recommend it!


I have to attest to the fact that all sorts of great things have manifested, BEFORE and DURING this course!

I manifested an unexpected tax refund, got tickets to popular show last minute, & a coaching program!

If you’re on the fence or thinking about working with Elizabeth.

Working With her has been incredible. I appreciate her and her programs!


Khadijar Kinear
Money Magic Goddess


FAST TRACK your Vibe!


If you’ve ever wanted to FAST TRACK your Vibe and take your alignment to the next level — then working with Abraham and I during this 5 Week Series –might be right for you.

During your 5 Weeks, Abraham and I are going to hold a very sacred and coherent space for you.

Here you can learn the tools you need to raise your vibration and start aligning yourself like the Money Magic Goddess Sister you are! ?

The last channelled program I offered from Abraham was last years Mystic Money Shift which SOLD OUT in 2 weeks!! 

Check in with yourself and see what HITS of Inspiration you get and then tap us quickly — we would LOVE to have you with us.


I absolutely KNOW that this channeled program will knock your socks off and will sell out fast!

Ready To Create Magic?

This Program Is Currently CLOSED - Please Check Back Later

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