Empaths & Entrepreneurs

Empaths & Entrepreneurs… 

It’s Now!

Everything Shifted Right Under Your Nose, Didn’t It? 

You saw it coming. – but now your Empathic Sensitivity has sky-rocketed and it’s getting harder and harder to mange your own Energy.

You’re not only feeling the stress of others, and that of running a business – but it feels like the entire state of the World is seeping into your Energy Fields and you can’t seem to clear it all out.

Boundaries become a challenge to hold  and you dread powerful Astrological Events because they knock you out of balance.

It Can Sometimes Be Exhausting…

And Can affect your Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. This happens for many reasons.

  • Most Empaths don’t know how to manage their energy appropriately.
  • Your Energy Fields leak and you don’t know how to solidify them.
  • Your Grids and Templates need updating and you don’t know how to do that.
  • You’re ready to take the next step in your Evolution but don’t have the tools to support you.
  • You’re carrying Responsibility for healing/caring for other people in a co-dependent way.
  • You have Karmic Grids and Templates still in play that haven’t been resolved.
  • Or you just don’t know how to Alchemize the energy to work in your favor. 

I know this because I’ve experienced them all over the past 15-20 years.

That’s why this year – 2020 – the year of Empathic F*ckery – I have decided to offer something VERY NEW to support my Mystical Empaths and Entrepreneurial Friends…

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m Elizabeth Pfeiffer,

Mystical Empath & Entrepreneur.

I’ve been doing Vibrational Alignment work for over 15+ years and hold over 20 metaphysical certificates.

Prior to that, I worked as a Licensed Social Worker and worked with lots of people suffering from various sets of issues… but  I don’t practice as a Social Worker anymore.

I’ve come to find that our combination of ABOVE WORK (Soul Energy Work) and BELOW WORK (Belief Work) are able to get my client’s back into Alignment in LESS TIME than traditional therapeutic interventions and with GREATER RESULTS!

I created all our programs, to help you accelerate the process of identifying and shifting limiting thoughts that hold you back from creating the type of life you want to live, so you can go from blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose!

Now, I wish to share these advanced processes with you, and save you years of frustration, discomfort and uncertainty by showing you how to use these same techniques to create a life that’s full of Energetic Freedom, Joy and Love!


My Vision

To gather my Mystical Friends together and offer you the Energetic Support you need outside of a 1:1 Coaching package.

To Show you HOW TO manage your Energy & Sensitivity on this NEW 5D Earth – so that you can ENJOY your life without looking over your proverbial shoulder for the next energetic wave of sh*tballs to hit you.

To show, you, The Entrepreneur how to run your Abundant Business WHILE managing your own Energy with EASE and GRACE – so you can keep a high vibe and make more money!!!


For 3 Months I Will Be Your Mystical Guide & Show You How To Create A More Stabilized, Balanced & Harmonized  Energy Field Where…

  • You will LEARN NEW ways to manage your energy.

  • You will receive HEALING to you move STUCK or BLOCKED energy that holds you back.

  • You will learn how to MANAGE EMPATHY overload.

  • You will HEIGHTEN your vibration and attraction factor to more clients and money.

  • You will REGAIN more vitality and life-force – so you can be more present in your life.

  • You will FEEL more Stabilized, Harmonized and Balanced – EVEN WHEN outside energies hit.

  • You will learn to hold greater ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES with others.

  • You Will learn to CLEAR your fields with EASE & Increase your Energetic Awareness.

  • You will learn how to CONNECT more fully with your Source and bring in HEALING for yourself.

Welcome To The Mystical Empaths & Entrepreneurs Group Healing Program.

This is How It Works.

Every 3 Months We Open The Doors To Only 10 Mystical Empaths & Entrepreneurs.

This is so we are able to provide Personalized Group Setting  Over Zoom.

Each Month You Will Receive…

LIVE Group Energy Healing 2x’s a Month.

These Energetic processes consist of Clearings, Healings & Ascension Coding that will help you manage your energy fields and create solid boundaries. 
We try to hold each Live Sesson on or about the time of the New and Full Moon.


This is a MUST HAVE program for the Energetically Sensitive. Things have changed and you NEED to know how to use those changes to your benefit.

MP3 & MP4 Recordings of Each Group Call.

Can’t make it Live? No worries. Everything is recorded. Each call is multi-layered and can be re-listened to time and time again for even more shift.


Stay connected with us and the other grouop members through our FB Online Communication Hub where all your links and materials will be posted! 

1 Remote C.L.S Session Per Month

You will get one of these Each Month (total 3) to help clear self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and beliefs and healing for your body.

These are powerful and tangible sessions that are brought in for you by your own Source.

The Healing Bubbles of LIGHT MP3 for Daily Balance & Self Healing.

This POWERFUL healing Meditation can heal anything you intend from your issues with your Body, Your Mind or Your Energy.

It can be used as often as you like to bring in additional healing for you, your body and teams.


We always keep an Energetic Eye on our Groups and this one is no different. Even if we’re not LIVE or doing any remote work – you will still be able to receive Extra Support via our Container. We’ll show you how.

Client Love…

Choose Your Access Plan

This Round Is Currently Full.

Next Round Opens November, 2020.

(To join this round and work with the previously recorded sessions & attend the remaining sessions LIVE with the current course participants – Contact Elizabeth by using the link below.)

Dates & Times Of Live Sessions Are Available After Registration.


Pay In ONE Swoop & SAve! 

One Full Payment

$1,555/ Once

Pay in 3 monthly payments!

3 Monthly Payments

$555/ Month

Pay Over time in 12 monthly payments

12 Monthly Payments