Conscious Business Basics

A 3 Month Business Mentoring Program For the Online Service Based Entrepreneur!

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

Business Strategy & Mindset 

Private Mentoring & Coaching

Online Business Training 

Soulful Creator…

  • Do you feel that you have SO MUCH to share – but can’t figure out how to get started? 

  • Do you suffer from Self-Sabotaging Mindsets that stop you dead in your tracks?

  • Do you need more confidence in your Coaching/Healing Skills and want to enhancing your skills?

  • Are you Frustrated because you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not reaching your goals?

  • Does it feel like you have to consume a ton of information and try to figure things out on your own? 

  • Would you like to set up your online business so that it’s automated to work for you instead of you working for it?

  • Are you tired of spending endless hours chasing down potential clients only to end up on calls with the wrong people?

  • Do you want to start Attracting your ideal clients without the hustle mindset &  attract those you were meant to work with? 

Well You Can!

There is NO NEED to Struggle!

Whether you’re JUST STARTING OUT, a NEW COACH or HEALER or a SEASONED COACH and are ready to take your business to the next level – the we’ve got you covered.

You see, other programs offer very limited information.

Some programs offer you a certification in a process but never teach you how to run a business.

Whereas, some programs offer you a tool or technique and some business training – but they never teach you how to Coach or deal with difficult clients with integrity.

Or maybe you took the program where they taught you how to write copy, attract clients, set up your business, how to cultivate the right mindset and how to manifest clients…. but here…

    We Cover It All! 

    What Makes This Mentoring Program Different – Is That We Cover


    *Do you have Mindset Issues? 

    *Client Attraction Issues?

    *System & Automation Issues?

    *Coaching Issues < not everyone was taught how to Coach someone.

    *Do you know how to attract your ideal client without dealing with objections?

    *Do you know how to run a sales call? What to say, what to offer – how to offer it? 

    *Do you know how to shift your Mindset from feelings of Lack into one of Abundance?

      You Can Live Your Best Life! 

      Listen, don’t let the thought about Certifying or not get you down.

      Those are just pesky Mindset Issues sneaking up in order to stop you from succeeding. 

      You don’t need certifications or have to meet any requirements in order to START and Coaching or Healing Practice.

      That’s because the these Industries are UNREGULATED – thus offering you an opportunity to follow your heart and serve others in the way in which you are feeling guided.

      Yes, You can USE YOUR GIFTS and organize them in a way in which they can be MONETIZED, delivered in a professional manner and serve the best and highest good of everyone!

      Hi, I’m Elizabeth Pfeiffer, 

      I am a Soul Coach & Mindset Mentor who combines teachings like Law Of Attraction & Higher Dimensional Work with practical Mindset and Energy Balancing. 

      I love introducing people to our Sacred Containers and help them – not only Manifest Money – but to create greater Alignment and Flow with their own Soul Source.

      I feel that if you have a gift that you would love to spend the rest of your life doing… then you should… and you should get paid for it.

      Here’s my short story…

      I started my practice over 20 years ago with $300 in my bank account, no clients, $0 months and a poor mindset.

      After studying with some of the world’s most famous Spiritual Trailblazers and Healers – I learned how to Reset and Reprogram my Mindset and now teach these practices to others.

      My Mindset and Alignment Programs  are some of the most transformational programs you can get in the online Coaching & Healing space – and I’ve gone from $0 pay days to $30,000 coaching programs.

      >> And I Want To Show You How! <<


      Conscious Business Basics Mentoring

      Conscious Business Basics is a 3 Month Business Strategy & Mindset Mentoring Program For Service Based Entrepreneurs

      We Want To See Our Students…

      *Making Money In Their Business.

      *Be An Authority When it Comes To Talking About Their Work.

      *Know That They Have The Right Tools Set Up To Make It Easy To Create Content.

      *To Not Waste Their Time and Energy On Clients Who Are Not Right For You & Your Work.

      *To Be Open Hearted And Think And Feel Good About Their Gifts, Their Business And Their Goals. 

      *To Feel Supported Through The Entire Process Of Attracting Their Ideal Clients and Closing The Sale During Strategy Calls….

      Plus More!!

      Here’s The Breakdown!

      The BONUS Program That Will Kick-Start & Complement Your Private Mentoring Sessions!

      Module 1 - Get clear on your Soul Gifts & Monetize them

      Whether you’re already IN business or just STARTING out – this Module will help you get CLEAR as to what your Soul Gifts are and how to monetize them.

      Inside this module we are going to explore what your heart has came here to share – so you can deliver that to others. 

      Module 2 - Learn how to create IFO’s, CRM’S & WEBSITES

      This week we will teach you what those initials mean and how to incorporate them into your business.

      PLUS, if you’re just getting started – we will show you how to create a website for FREE so that you can start creating the LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST factor that gets people to buy from you!

      Module 3 - create your dream job and Assimilate your work

       This week you will apply weeks 1 and 2 and set them up -so you can hit the ground running and be set up for the next weeks. 

      A good foundation will set the tone for what comes next and make it EASY for you to Automate your business. This is a MUST HAVE module for busy Entrepreneurs & Moms who run a business from home. 

      Week 4 – learn how to coach

      This module is a MUST HAVE for those of you who haven’t had ANY COACHING Training before.

      During this module we will TEACH you our CALL AND RESPOND Coaching Techniques-  that will not only  ENHANCE your current practice – but get your clients better results.

      Week 5 – Learn High Vibe Mindset Tools

      Your business is NOTHING unless you have the mindset tools to keep it afloat.

      This week is a 50 Minute Training On the 3 Keys you need in order to keep your vibration and frequency HIGH in this module.

      Week 6 – How To Attact Your Ideal Client & Close The Sale Call

      This is probably one of our most coveted modules. It will not only teach you HOW and WHERE to find your clients but we will also teach you HOW TO SELL to them with an Open Heart & Close the deal.

      Week 7 – How To Run A Business With Ethics & Integrity

      In This module, we’ll show you how to set boundaries with difficult clients.

      How to handle clients who ask for a refund. 

      How to handle clients who ask for discounts and special services and we’ll teach you what to do – what to say and make it effortless. 


      • 8 Tips For Posting On Facebook
      • Copywriting MUST HAVES for your Content.
      • Disconnecting From Client Triggers.
      • Decide | Choose | Believe
      • Release The Past So You Can Manifest and Align.
      • You Make The Rules!
      • Your Desires Are Aligned And Guided..


      This Training will cover the concepts of deciding what you want your business looks like, how you want it to run, and then leverage it to create the type of life you want to live!

      Learn to Align Your Mindset & Energetics Of You and Your Business as well as WHY you don’t need a Certification To Run Your Business.


      Private Mentoring

      Meet With Elizabeth Privately Via ZOOM for 1:1 Work for a total of 6 Private Sessions or 2 Sessions Per Month. 

      Plus, Daily VOXXER Support M-F 9-5 Est. To Check in with any questions or Coaching Issues You Might Come Up Upon.

      During this time she will handle any Alignment, Mindset Business Coaching and or Mentoring issues you have.

      Get customized tips and tricks for your Business and Mindset that will help you get to your next level at an accelerated pace. 

      Receive Energetic Shifts for your Energy, Mindset & Business needs.

      Together, we will create breakthroughs in your Mindset, Alignment. 

      Experiences Working With Elizabeth 

      Monica M. 


      Then Let’s Do It! 





      Before You Go -Let us

      Say This…

      If you made it down the page this far then there’s something that your Soul is deeply resonating with here. All we ask is that you take a moment to really tune in and see how that feels.

      Your internal guidance system will never you let you down.

      It knows EXACTLY What you need and when you need it.

      We do not take shift lightly.

      We are 1000% focused on helping you reach your goals and create the type of life you want to live by helping you get out of your own way.

      Tune in right now.

      Take a deep breath in… and remember…

      Things that feel LIGHT and expansive are in alignment with your purpose and path.

      Things that feel HEAVY and constricted are not in alignment for you at the moment.

      Feel into whether it’s the right time for you to work with us now and if it is…

      Apply Today!