Elizabeth Pfeiffer

Aligned Abundance

Clear, Heal and Align your Abundance Channels

So Done!

Are you finally DONE with functioning from other people’s perceptions of you? 

Ready to stop believing what you thought and align with your truth?

Are you feeling Done with feeling like you have to meet everyone else’s expectations?

Would you like to FINALLY clear some of that – so you can get on with your own life? 

It’a Not Too Late…

Seriously, it’s not. 

You know all that negative stuff you think about yourself? The stuff that puts you down, makes you feel bad etc…

They aren’t yours!

No! They actually belong to other people. All of their fear and insecurities have been projected on to you and now you think they’re yours.

It’s not an uncommon thing. You pick up beliefs in childhood and even in Adulthood from people like:

  • Your Parents
  • Care takers
  • Teachers
  • People of influence
  • Friends
  • Colleagues

Aligning with your own inner truth – and these beliefs have no place in your life anymore.

This Program Was Designed To Help You Change That.

This Program Is For You If:

If you are tired of running from old ways of being.

Want to create more alignment with your own truth! 

Want to clear Money Blocks You’ve been struggling with.

Want to finally feel FREE of self-limiting beliefs that aren’t even yours!

If you’re finally done with the limiting beliefs that keep you small and in fear and lack.

If you want a NEW WAY perceiving your life and learn NEW TOOLS for manifesting your desires.


The Program Is Yours To Keep

Aligned Abundance contains Abundance Block and Belief clearings that you can use over and over again until you feel it’s gone!

It covers beliefs from Childhood, Society, Culture, Religion and general interactions where you picked up beliefs that stem from strangers or colleagues.

Each Mp3 is energetically activated to help you Clear and Resolve these beliefs from your energetic system and then help you set your intentions for Aligned Abundance.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m, Elizabeth Pfeiffer,

I am a Mystic Mindset Guide who combines Multi-Dimensional Teachings such as the Law Of Attraction & Higher Dimensional Work with practical Mindset and Energy Activations.

I love introducing people to our Sacred Containers and help them – not only Manifest Money – but to create greater Alignment and Flow with their own Soul Source.

I feel that if you have a gift that you would love to spend the rest of your life doing… then you should… and you should get paid for it.

Here’s my short story… I started my practice over 20 years ago with $300 in my bank account, no clients, $0 months and a poor mindset.

After studying with some of the world’s most famous Spiritual Trailblazers and Healers – I learned how to  work Multi-Dimensionally, Reset and Reprogram my Mindset, my energy and I started teaching these practices to others.

Now, my Mindset and Alignment Programs  are some of the most transformational programs you can get in the online Coaching & Healing space – and I’ve gone from $0 pay days to $30,000 coaching programs.


>> And I Can Show You Too! <<


Aligned Abundance…

Is an Online Digital Program that you can take with you and work on anywhere at anytime.

Some Of The Energetic Processing and Manifestation Tool To Help You Clear Energy Such As … 

Childhood beliefs based on other people’s projections.

Knowing that you have a block but don’t know what it is.

Clear beliefs you’ve picked up from your parents.

Clear beliefs you’ve picked up from your friends.

Clear beliefs to not being good enough.

Clear beliefs to not feeling valued.

Clear beliefs  to not being powerful.

Clear beliefs o your inner knowing.

Plus more that are too many to list here.

What’s Included…

 3 Money Block | Belief Clearing Mp3’s

Run these on repeat for as long as you like to get even deeper layers each time you listen.

Instructions On How To Work With The Program, Worksheets & Homework. 

 We have laid out very clear instructions on how to work with the program in order to ensure you success! 

Each exercise comes with a companion worksheet to make sure you integrate the work and get a clear picture of what’s coming up for you.

Guided Meditation For Block Removal. 

 Identify What’s holding you back and go through the meditation that will help you release it.

Guided Meditation for Manifestation

 Enter your Vortex Vault and align with all the riches you have waiting for you inside! 


Aligned Abundance Ready To Get Clear, Heal &

Align Your Abundance Energy?