The Money Makeover

A 1 Month Energy Program To Help You Heal Your Beliefs & Programs Around Money.

Tired Of Trying To Create Your Dreams – Only To Have Your Ego   

Get In The Way? 

Do You Find That Manifesting Doesn’t Really Work For You?

Do you hold the “Of Course That Didn’t Work For Me” energy?

Do you feel helpless or hopeless when it comes to manifesting? 

Do you have a self-defeating Mindset? 

Do you self-sabotage what you Manifest? 

Do you KNOW that your Ego is wrong but don’t know how to shift it?

Are you sick of saying Mantras and Affirmations That Don’t Work? 

Do you desire more but can’t seem to find the flow that allows it all to come in? 

Do you feel held back by your own thoughts, feelings or emotions?

How Is This Work Different? 

It’s all all about Personal Responsibility & Greater Awareness of Your Thoughts, Feelings & Beliefs.

It’s all about how they come into play in your life and in your business.

Diving Deeper into yourself, your Subconscious and SEEING how your Ego programs around money are getting in your way. 

Money has no personal preference.

It doesn’t like or dislike you over another and it’s available to everyone at any given time. 

You have the Power to create anything you desire as long as you can SEE, FEEL and BELIEVE your way through it!

You are not limited by your past experiences – yet so many of us- still move through life carrying around old trauma.

Once you can heal from those past experiences – you are able to move forward in Life and Business. 

So Why This Training? 


   The More You Release, The More Space You Create. 

   The More Space You Create The More You Get To FILL IT IN with what you want!

Money Issues usually stem from beliefs that still have an affect on you now. 

You probably say them all the time without even realizing… 

Money is Evil. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Money is reserved for others. 

I’m not good enough to charge that.

No one supports me in my business.

Who Am I to be a Spiritual Based Biz Owner

You have to work hard for money.

You didn’t come to the planet with those beliefs instilled in your Soul, they were learned.

This program was designed to help you FIND those beliefs and then HEAL them – so you can create a different experience for yourself with money.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

I’m, Elizabeth Pfeiffer.

I am a Mystic Mindset Guide who combines Multi-Dimensional Teachings such as the Law Of Attraction & Higher Dimensional Work with practical Mindset and Energy Activations.

I love introducing people to our Sacred Containers and help them – not only Manifest Money – but to create greater Alignment and Flow with their own Soul Source.

I feel that if you have a gift that you would love to spend the rest of your life doing… then you should… and you should get paid for it.

Here’s my short story… I started my practice over 20 years ago with $300 in my bank account, no clients, $0 months and a poor mindset.

After studying with some of the world’s most famous Spiritual Trailblazers and Healers – I learned how to  work Multi-Dimensionally, Reset and Reprogram my Mindset, my energy and I started teaching these practices to others.

My Mindset and Alignment Programs are some of the most transformational programs you can get in the online space – and I’ve gone from $0 pay days to $30,000 coaching programs.


Who Is This Training For? 


You have issues around Money.

Not just making or Manifesting Money – but deep issues of self-sabotage, negative mindsets, and just not seeing a way out of your Money Issues.

If you are frustrated in your business around money.

If you know you have money blocks or trauma but don’t know how to find them.

You need to heal your Money Story so you can move on and achieve your goals and dreams.

You’re tired of seeing everyone else succeed while you spin your wheels and get no where. 


You’re not willing to do the work and dive deep into your subconscious programming.

If you are comfortable where you are and think it’ll all work itself out.

If you don’t resonate with Energy Work or Visualization.

If you’re not willing to change your perceptions around money.

If Esoteric concepts around Energy and Money aren’t your thing.

If you’re not willing to get out of your own way so that you can increase the flow of money into your life or business.

What Can You Expect?

In Short, Elizabeth and Her Guides will take you on a 1 Month Healing Journey To Help You Heal.

Heal Any Stories Of Trauma Around Money, Any Subconscious Or Energetic Blocks Around Money & Offer You Greater Awareness Of What Stories You Tell Yourself About Money – And Help You To Resolve Them!

You Will Also Learn How To Work With Money From A Place Of Empowerment, Freedom and Connection and Increase Your Frequency To Receive. 


No More Guessing Games & Disempowered feelings of “I don’t know.”

This course will help you EXPAND your awareness – so that your inner conversations can change – and you can understand yourself better.


Most Mindset & Energetic Blocks are born out of Trauma.

Helping you Identify, Clear, & Heal this Trauma – will stop the recycling pattern of  Feeling A Lack of Worth, Love and Freedom that keeps you stuck.


The shifts in this course are not Micro Shifts – they are MACRO SHIFTS.

With Greater Awareness and Healing, your energy expands and invites in new experiences with Your Inner Being, Money and Others.

Let’s Take A Close Look At What’s Inside This 1 Month…



Inside 45-50 min. Module Will Walk You Through Content To Identify Where You Are Holding Yourself Back & Help You Clear, Shift & Heal Those Beliefs So You Can Shift Into Greater States Of Empowered Money Beliefs.

*You Get 4 Pre-recorded Training Lessons in Mp3 Format.

These Are What Each Module Covers…



Since A Lot of our beliefs are formed in our early years of life – this module will take you back in time – to find those instances where you first created your money issues.

Here you will LOCATE the issue, CLEAR it and HEAL it so that you can free up your energy for high frequency thoughts and feelings.



Manifestation can’t happen in the past because it’s already done. It can’t happen in the future because you haven’t created it yet.

So in this module you will learn how to shift all of your energy back into the right time – so you can increase your vibrational attraction!




In this Module, you will learn to understand your Ego a little better and create a more compassion around what it thinks, why it thinks that and  how it feels.

Over the years it has tried to protect you but now it’s time to let it go – by giving it another job to do – which is not blocking your money goals. 



You are a CO-CREATOR and thus work WITH the Divine to create your desires.

In this module we will show you how to actually send those intentions up into the higher dimensions so that you can create a working relationship with your own Inner Being.

Pre-Work Bonus 


Oh, Yes! 

This powerful 45+ Minute pre-recorded session includes Energetic Recoding Work to help Clear and Heal The Following Beliefs: 

  • Fear about being Embodied Enough to Manifest. (This is a real issue for Energetically Sensitive People.)

  • Feeling Like You’re Not Enough In Life Or Business.

  • Feeling like you’re Not Enough to make Money in your Business

Also Included…

*A Workbook For Each Module 

Each Module Includes A Workbook For A Total Of 55+ Pages

There is no use in showing you how to shift if you don’t practice and integrate what you’ve experienced. These workbooks are designed to help you shift deeper layers and then integrate those shifts as you go. 

*Healing Meditations You Can Use Over and Over Again. 

Each Module Includes An Energetic Healing or Activation to Ensure The Energy Is Clear. 

The Best part about these meditations is that it can be used over and over again with a different issue every time – so you can create an even deeper shift for yourself. 


*Lifetime Access 

Material Doesn’t Expire.   

Once you register for the course you will get lifetime access to all the pre-recorded materials, any past recordings and any future recordings.  *All recordings are copyrighted by Sharing them with others is strictly prohibited. If you would like to take the course LIVE with the current year’s students a small returning student fee will be applied. 

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