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Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Welcome To Our Sanctuary On The Inter-Webs!

So Let’s Talk…

Clearly things aren’t exactly how you want them to be and you’re looking for it to be different, Am I right? 

I know, you’ve tried all the things, worked with other Coaches and even taken a TON of courses online and STILL haven’t gotten to the place you want to be.

Here’s the thing…

We totally get it!

We’ve been exactly where you are and know how frustrating that can be BUT…

We also know how to get out of that funky place where you feel as if NOTHING IS WORKING.

I also know this…

I know that you will DO ANYTHING in order to make those changes.

You will work at your Mindset, Do the Homework and Show Up for yourself in order to HAVE THESE CHANGES.

You might have even stopped believing in yourself, in your dreams and your business goals BUT… even that CAN CHANGE.

All of these funky Energetics and Mindset Issues CAN BE SHIFTED and you can start Living the life you want to create RIGHT NOW!

But Let Me Be Frank… 

I Only take on clients who are Super Serious about doing the work and my pricing reflects that.

When you work with me – 

I will be up your Energetic Butt for the ENTIRE time we are together. 

Yes, that can be a bit uncomfortable – but necessary – in order to get the results that you are looking for. 

During our time together we will remind you that you are a BADA$$ and that you have COMPLETE control over everything that’s happening in your life or business.

Things We Will Show You…

How To Align Your Energy With Your Pricing.

How To Package Your Soul Gifts & Mastery.

How To Get Your Ideal Clients To Come To You.

How To Allow More Opportunities, Clients and Money in.

How to maintain and Healthy Mindset that SUPPORTS you.

Show you how to step into your NEXT LEVEL and give you all the SUPPORT you need in order to do that!

Plus, whatever else comes up… We are THERE!

Are You Ready For Your Next Level? 

Let’s Find Out!

This Is For You If…

  • You Are A Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Physic or other Spiritually Based Entrepreneur! 

  • You believe in words like Vibration, Mindset & Frequency.

  • You desire to get out of your own way and start living your dreams. 

  • You want to be paid appropriately for your services because this is your real J.O.B. 

  • You want to use your Spiritual Gifts to help others find thier way in thier own lives.

  • You feel as if you have a calling to serve others in a really big way. 

This Is NOT For You If…

  • You are stuck in the Victim Zone.

  • You’re still in the zone where you believe that you have no control over you life and outside circumstances control you.

  • Have no awareness of your own Energy, Source, Alignment or Vibration and you’re just starting out.

  • Don’t want to grow in your own personal and professional development.

  • Are not committed to doing the work & want someone to fix you.

  • You have a lot of Healing to do before you can move forward in your business.

Hi, I’m ElizabethPfeiffer

I’ve been doing Energy Alchemy & Mindset Work for over 20+ years.

I combine Multi-Dimensional Teachings such as the Law Of Attraction & Higher Dimensional Work with Practical Mindset Shifts and Energy Activations.

I love introducing people to our Sacred Containers and help them – not only Manifest Money – but to create greater Alignment and Flow with their own Soul Source.

I feel that if you have a gift that you would love to spend the rest of your life doing… then you should… and you should get paid for it.

Here’s my short story… I started my practice over 20 years ago with $300 in my bank account, no clients, $0 months and a poor mindset.

After studying with some of the world’s most famous Spiritual Trailblazers and Healers – I learned how to  work Multi-Dimensionally, Reset and Reprogram my Mindset, my energy and I started teaching these practices to others.

Now, my Mindset and Alignment Programs  are some of the most transformational programs you can get in the online Coaching & Healing space – and I’ve gone from $0 pay days to $30,000 coaching programs.


There Is Work To Do…

In Order To Get You Where You Want To Be – There is Work To Do – Aside From Your Coaching Sessions. 

Here Are Some Of The Things We Include In Your Package To Ensure That:

Voxxer Or Messenger Support

M-F from 9-5. Most of our client’s don’t even use this feature but it’s yours for when you need quick answers in your Business and don’t want to wait until your next appointment. 

Private 1:1 Sessions

You Receive Private Sessions 2x Month ranging from 55- 90 Minutes depending on the level of support you require. You will meet with Elizabeth Live Via Zoom where you can get Coaching, Mentoring, Mindset Alignments or Suggestions on how to leverage your current business issues. A recording of your session is also included so you can go back and review as you need. 

Our Sacred Container

Elizabeth holds a very High Vibe Container for her private clients. Clients report receiving answers to their questions before even asking them or getting their own intuitive hits after sending questions to her. It’s like a magical container of extra support!

Free Access To The Academy

The Academy Includes Over 30 Courses and 355 Files  around Money, Mindset, Balance, Alignment and Healing. All of Our private clients receive FREE ACCESS to the ACADEMY for as long as you are working 1:1. 

Free Access To Live & Online Events 

Throughout the year, Elizabeth runs her SIGNATURE Courses and conducts LIVE Trainings. As a Coaching | Mentoring Client you will gain FREE ACCESS to these Events while you are an active 1:1 Client. *Excludes Retreats or In Person events. Discounts will apply*


All Of These High Vibe Points Of Contact Are What Sets Us Apart From Others

In The Industry.

What Others Have Experienced…


Your energy healing work with me this evening was amazing! …Your Intuitive Abilities were nothing short of Miraculous…

You have positively affected those fearful thoughts that were eating away at my Soul…

Words can’t even describe. Thank You So Much!

Kelly Schaefer

Task Complete

I love Elizabeth’s Work!

 In a world where it’s hard to find people who can effectively find blockages and go all in –

Elizabeth does.

The pay days are rolling in ~ I just feel so much love!

Jennifer Weatherly

Sea Fog Media

Yesterday’s Session Was Amazing!

 This morning I woke up with an idea to get some money coming in more quickly!

Thank you!

I want to work with you in a bigger way – so I’m booking another appointment to continue what we started!

Jennifer Currie

Soul Purpose Coach For Empowered Creativity

“I Cannot Recommend Her More.

 I’ve now had 2 Powerful Sessions With Elizabeth & I Can Vouch First Hand For The Result.”

Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid, The Oracle! Author, spiritual intuitive, medium, founder of Oracle School®

Pretty frickin’ fabulous ~

 …If I do say so myself!

My energy is through the roof!

I have had over $1000 in services sales this week!

I’m so pleased with the shifts I am already receiving!

Kristy Lynn

The amount of shift in my life has been enormous!

 Elizabeth packs so much energy and information in each session.

I’m manifesting my dream come true!

Elizabeth has taught me how to remain calm in the center of a storm and gives you the tools you need.

Author, Speaker, Ground One Coaching

Kathy Ramsperger

Elizabeth Is The Real Deal!

This is absolutely, hands-down the best investment you can make in yourself! It’s been a humbling and beyond Empowering healing journey and my investments in her abilities are absolutely investments in myself. 

I have transformed in ways that I never thought I would and it’s astounding how quickly these shifts and healings take root within and manifest beatifully on the outside.

DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by! 

This is your time to say YES to YOU, your process, and to your Soul getting you to where you deisre to be.

Namaste, beautiful soul! 

Monica Martin

Goddess Healer & Coach

If You Made It Down This Far, Then There’s Something That Is Deeply Resonating With You Here.

Listen To That.

Take a moment to really tune in and see how that feels. Your internal guidance system will never you let you down.

It knows EXACTLY What you need and when you need it.

We are 1000% focused on helping you reach your goals and create the type of life you want to live by helping you get out of your own way.

Tune In Right Now.

 Take a deep breath in… and remember…

 Things that feel LIGHT and expansive are in alignment with your purpose and path.

 Things that feel HEAVY and constricted are not in alignment for you at the moment.

 Feel into whether it’s the right time for you to work with us now and if it is…




Let’s Talk About A Package That’s The Right Fit For You!

Private Coaching With Elizabeth Ranges From $12,000- $50,000