FREE 3 Part Training:

Leveraging Your Conscious Business


Elizabeth Pfeiffer

Hi! I’m so glad you clicked the link and found your way here.



I’m   Elizabeth Pfeiffer and I’d like to talk to you about ways in which you can Leverage Your Conscious Business!

Before starting my own online Coaching Practice, I used to work the 9-5 (and sometimes weekends) as a Social Worker.

Over time, I learned how to take those skills and combine them with my Soul Gifts to create a business I LOVE to show up for.

I have been helping women create greater Empowerment in their lives around Money and Mindset for the past 20+ years.

During that time, I have created potent programs that have generated great results for my clients and their families.

With all the negative self-talk and external programs women run into around money – I am determined to help as many women as I can- with my programs and sacred containers.

This one is no different.

In this 3 Part LIVESTREAM Training- I want to walk you through some of the Mindset and Energetic Components you need to have in your life and business in order to create success.

I believe, that if you join us, watch the livestreams and do the guided work – that you will experience a shift in your Mindset and Energy.


How Do You Know If This Training Is For You?


Ask yourself these questions…

 Are you working a 9-5 and are exhausted by the time you get home?

 Are creating Posts, Content & doing Livestreams the last thing on your mind?

 Are you home with young kids and find it hard to balance work, life and business tasks?

 Are you now working for your business instead of having your business work for you 

 Do you know that you have Gifts and Talents you can monetize -but feel stuck on how to get Started or Organize it all? 

 Is your Mindset all funky around how to do business and you talk yourself out of most things? 


Then… You Must Join Us!


In this FREE 3- Part Series Elizabeth will stream LIVE and talk with you about the following topics…

-Balancing Work & Home life with your Online Business – so you can make money.

-How To Keep A Healthy Mindset That Attracts Clients.

-How To Align Your Business Energy With Your Goals.

-How To See yourself more clearly and Value your time.

-How To see your Worth and know in your heart that you were meant to do this.

-How To fall back in love with your business so it can help support you and your family instead of taking time away from it.


These are the subjects we’ll talk about…


1. How To Bring Balance To Your Business & Life. 

2. Increasing Your Business Energy & Vibration.

3. Starting Your Practice Without A Certification.

How Does That Sound? 


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