8 Things You Need To Create Engaging Posts

On Social Media!

Do Your Posts On Social Media Sound Like A Choir Of Crickets?

Do you know why you’re not getting any engagements, clicks or likes?

Although Energy and Mindset does play to some of this – there are 8 crucial thing each one of your posts needs in order to catch your ideal client’s attention.

We’ve outlined these things in an easy to follow 8 step outline.

All you have to do is follow the formula or mix it up to your liking to start shifting the quiet crickets to a ringing telephone.


I’m Elizabeth Pfeiffer, A Vibrational Attraction Coach


I’ve had an online Spiritual based business for over 15 years and the one thing I see over and over again, with new Spiritual Entrepreneurs, is that they are they don’t know how to create engaging posts that catches the attention of their ideal client.

The Post and Run technique doesn’t work.

You can no longer post a single sentence and a link and expected to create a viable business for yourself.

That’s why we’ve devised this Training. The world really needs your gifts and talents – NOW more than ever and you’re not doing anyone a service by not getting your work out there!

Get The Training!

What You’ll Cover In This Training

Together, we will explore the inner makings of a post that you can use all across your Social Media networks in order to attract your ideal client!

These posts will be designed to:

  • Engage Your Client
  • Have Your Client Self Select
  • Get You Out In the Forefront & Get Known!
  • Create A Growing Community Around Your Brand
  • Understand Your Client’s Issues More Clearly So You Can Help Them Better.
  • Have Your Clients Understand Who You Are and How You Can Help Them With Your Posts!

Social Media was designed to connect and engage with people – but if you’re posting and running then no one is getting to know you, your work or what you have to offer. Grab the 40 minute Training & The 4 Page PDF Check Sheet to make sure you’re posting like an Entrepreneur!

Start Creating Posts That Your Client’s Won’t Scroll By & Drop The Social Media Struggle!

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