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Day 1: The DAILY ENErgetic alignment meditation

Work with the DAILY ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT Meditation. This meditation will help you Align on ALL Energetic Levels.

Yesterday I listened to “the daily energetic update” by Elizabeth Pfeiffer – it’s from 2014 when I was in her conscious creator class. I wasn’t even meditating really – I was sorting files from my external hard drive to my dropbox account and decided to listen to that one. It’s my go-to when I’m feeling stressed – and yesterday was stressful. I’d been having trouble sleeping due to so much physical pain that I felt like a pincushion. I realized that there was literally NO PAIN in my entire body. None. I was asking myself why this was but feeling so much gratitude – when it dawned on me, I’d listened to the “daily energetic update” from 2014 – and only half listened! Elizabeth is part of this awakening. I strongly recommend you check her out because she is amazing! April Reynolds, Author and Coach


day 2: activate the energy of gratitude

The power of Gratitude is extremely under rated. It’s the energy that opens the door to the universe. When you are truly grateful it’s like saying to the Universe “This is fantastic! I’m so appreciative! Can I have more?” We’ll show you how to align with that energy

day 3: How to make aligned choices

For the Vibrant Sensitive who FEELS everything around them it can be hard to determine who’s thoughts and ideas you’re Empathing. How do you know an idea is yours or if it’s just another thought that everyone else is thinking? We’ll show you how! 

day 4: be who you are

Many times we have a tendency to HIDE who we really are. This doesn’t allow others to see us clearly and hampers our ability to express ourselves fully. This transmission will help!

day 5: The Soul Connection Process

Learn another really quick meditation to help you Connect with Your higher self and release any fear that comes up around it.

day 6: How to tell when you're in alignment

When you have an awareness of your alignment and what that FEELS like then you have the opportunity to SHIFT it at any moment. We’ll show you how.

day 7: 60 Minute Path & Purpose Session

This is a 1 hour Energy Session that will help you get back on your path and increase your awareness toward your purpose.