5D Manifesting Mindsets

Welcome To The Video! 

Today You Will Learn:

  • Learn The Difference Between 3D & 5D Manifestation
  • How To Use The Higher Dimension To Accelerate What You Desire
  • Deliberately Create Your Reality Instead Of By Accident.
  • Why It’s Important To Be Clear With Your Manifestation.
  • Why you don’t have to heal all your Trauma in order to manifest.
  • Why the HOW it all comes together is not your responsibility.
  • Identify some of the steps you need to take in order to shift your practice into 5D.

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Learn how to use the Higher Realms To: 

  • Raise Your Attraction Factor
  • Get Clear On Your Manifestations
  • Tame Your Wild Mindgoblins
  • Heighten Your Intuition and Connect with your Inner Money Mystic
  • Receive Divine Guidance and Action Steps
  • Quantum Leap Your Manifestations
  • Soul Recode For Receiving & Abundance

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