Free 5 Day Alignment Sereis

Helping Your Get Your Shift Together

Money Comes As A Secondary Benefit To Your Alignment!


It’s Time To STOP Hunting Down Your Blocks Like A Mofo!


A Block Is A Repetitive Pattern Of Thought You Believe To Be True – Even When It’s Not – And Can Be Reinforced In Two Ways:


1. By keeping your energy on it &constantly focusing on it.


2. By trying to hunt it down with hours of clearing, healing and processes to get it to move. This will lead you right back to point 1.

What Your 5 Days Will Look Like!

How Money Blocks Can Affect Your Life.

Enjoy a 30 minute video interview we did with a 15 minute energetic session to clear money blocks!

Set Up Your Day!

We’ll Show You A Quick Way To Set Up You Day For Positivity & Manifestation!

Gratitude Opener

Activate The Energy Of Gratitude & Open Up To An Increase Your Flow! We’ll show you how.

Are You Aligned?

We’ll show you key awareness tips that will help you to Identify when you are and are not in Alignment/

Quick Manifestation Tips

Learn How To Quickly Manifest Your Goals And Get Into The Zone With A Quick Exercise To help you get Aligned.


A Free 15 minute light shifting session to help you align with your greater purpose and passion!

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