Time With Elizabeth | 60 Min.


Need Some Time To Straighten Out Your Shift?


Want To Meet About Your Shift?


In the past we have only offered packages for our services because, let’s be honest, the MOST transformational shift happens when you have the right tools, support and interventions that address ALL THE LAYERS of your shift.

That being said… We understand that when shift hits the fan – you have questions, need a quick energetic re-calibration or you’ve just feel STUCK and can’t seem to move forward out of the muck.



You have a question about your energy.

You have a perceived BLOCK you’d like cleared.

You have an Ascension question you’d like to know how to maneuver.

You just up leveled your vibration and need, want, or desire a recalibration to that new energy.

You feel stuck, lost, disconnected or unclear about your current reality and would like a session to get back on board!

You’ve been feeling out of balance for a while and your current grounding mechanisms aren’t working like they used to.

Your mental or emotional states are in flux and you’re feeling heavy, dense, energy that you’d like to get cleared up so you can move forward.


What Happens During A Session With Us


You will meet 1:1 with Elizabeth and her Essence Mastery guides via Zoom.

During that time Elizabeth will tap into your energetic fields and talk with your Soul, Body, Team and Guides and pin point the issue that keeps you stuck, blocked or feeling disconnected and send you the energetic information that you require in order to make the shift. Elizabeth and her guides will hold the space while you begin to shift your energy out of the funk.


... THE EBOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!” Having cellular changes (not theory) body shaking, profound reactions of letting stuff go!

Michele O.

...I am definitely feeling more "Lit Up!" My frequency has risen and... Money and Clients Are Flowing With Greater Ease!

Jen D.

"I've had 2 powerful sessions with Elizabeth & I can vouch first hand for the results! I can't recommend her more!

Colette Baron-Reid

"Holy F*ck! I cried when I read my MONEY BUSTER ! I had to walk away for a few minutes and then re-read it. I’m so glad I got to do this again!"

Shanna M.

"THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! Thank you! I Really Think The Beliefs You Identified Are The Root - Of The Root-  Of It All!"

Kathy R.

"My old way of clearing was no longer working... Elizabeth taught me a new way to connect and get clear - I Love it!"

Kemi R.

"What An Intense Shift! I'm Able To Speak My Truth & Connect To My Power In Ways I Haven't Before - All Within 24 Hours! 

Laurette G.



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